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6 Things to consider when setting up camp | Pillars of Preparedness

6 Things to consider when setting up camp | Pillars of Preparedness

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Hey guys welcome back it's Mikey the Mobility and Motorsports director here At footcraft travel with Rob I'm the CMO Here at fieldcraft so we get to do all The fun stuff all the fun stuff well Welcome today we want to talk about Setting up camp and how we do it and Give you some tips and tricks for some Of you who've been asking uh so here we Are in a beautiful Northern California You can see how windy it is Um that's actually going to come into Play with some of the choices that we Made today so we were talking about Security yeah let's let's maybe talk About this in in terms of the pillars of Preparedness Um so let's go through those real quick And then let's jump in and talk through So if you're looking to organize use These pillars there's food Water Shelter Comms Med and security which is the most Important so yeah let's start with Security so location is everything when You're planning your trip you're you Know like us here we're like we want to Go to Northern California I want to be By the water Um check that's what we're gonna do when We arrive the first thing we do is we Survey the area and from a security Standpoint The High Ground is always Going to be the most secure and you're Going to be the most advantage in that

Spot however comma the environment may Say otherwise you don't want to be in a Tent whether it's a rooftop tint or a Ground tent where the wind is just Ripping through so The High Ground is Good for security but not necessarily Good for sleeping yeah and so yeah we've Got not good for sleeping and then also Just And it's often it's it's open up top It's right it's more exposed and so that Could play into it as well 100 so choose Accordingly right for us there is a Little bit of a high ground up here when We surveyed it but we want to be close To the water so that's why you're seeing This here another Point too is as you're Coming in And it's I don't know if it's like shameful to Say this but we are looking for a Camping spot that is flat I I can't Sleep when all the blood is rushing in My head or you know so that is part of What we're looking for just sliding over Everything sliding over yeah everything And that's why you see the way that we Did this spot you've talked about this Also briefly but I want to kind of point This out here too is just as it is day It will be night here regardless of if You're in an area that's got extended Amounts of light or extended amounts of Dark so uh in terms of security you do

Need to see what you're going to be Doing yeah just lighting is huge Lighting is huge right you protect your Vehicle as well but also yourself so When we're in here uh the way that we Set up and use the lights is in that Manner to protect what we're doing also Keep in mind a lot of what we talk about Is based around assembly permissive you Know environment we're in the United States it's California there's not much That we need to worry about if that were To change like in a bug out scenario These are also things that I want you to Consider as you're listening to this Yeah that's generally true with the the Two-legged Predators but there are there Are also animals you've got to consider And that plays into a a little bit with The food and the other stuff and how you Set things up to making sure that you're Deterring the animals from coming into Campus 100 also if you're rolling Through in a big giant you know Gladiator that she's for marketing it's Just it's just the giant Target on you All these lights you know in the middle Of the night everyone's gonna be able to See you so just something to consider I Think that's it for security yeah I mean Yeah I'll also point out we probably are a Little over the top with our our camp Set up this is what we do for for

Professionally we do it recreationally Personally as well and so we have a lot Of things here yeah absolutely more so Than I would expect most people would Have um and so making sure you're taking Care of that both from the environmental Factors as well as keeping things secure So next let's talk about food we'll make Our way over here through the uh the Campsite you know humans have been using Temperature and fire right to create and Prepare food for centuries right yeah so There's many ways that we can do it We've started using and I really come to Like this thing the Disco Style scottle Style you know products this is icampers Disco but we do have a full setup in the Back of Europe we've got the you know a Standard two burner grill with you know Off of propane which we'll use usually As like a a secondary setup when we have This out too so we'll cook Maine Food here we'll cook anything else off To the side if we need things going at The same time we do sometimes roll with A big group so yeah we need a Contingencies these options and Contingencies here you see this set up I Typically have this hard mounted to the Side of my truck and we just cook off The side of the truck but just because Of the way that everything's positioned It's really easy to pull it off the Other thing too make sure you're

Considering the current regulations There has been some pretty high fire Risk so uh we're not allowed to make Fire which is why we're running all Propane that's allowed with the permit Here and that's why you see this like That but also even our campfire make Sure you're doing that let's talk real Quick about Transporting food yes yes we're big big Fans of fridges right it's not for Everybody they they do tend to be quite Expensive and you've got to make sure That you can power them which again adds To the cost but if you're going to go Out especially for extended periods of Time managing Cold food is is very important Absolutely running you know some Dometic Fridges and they have their their plbs Their batteries that can run those and Then we've got zamp solar panels to help Power those while we're out of the field Which can work great they can also have Some challenges in terms of finding sun And making sure that you're getting Enough power in but you start learning Kind of how to manage it absolutely and What what power you're using what power You can bring in as you as you test it Out absolutely and that is the Step Up From let's say backpacking to over Landing or Mobility centered rig right It's just that step up it's an extension

Of your rucksack food is done in a way Here that I feel like we even eat better Than most of the times we eat pretty Good yeah I always say that my favorite Time of day is when it's time to eat but Open Landing is really just that right I Mean camping is just that we go a Thousand miles or travel eight hours Like we did yesterday to go eat Somewhere so food's important make sure You're using fridges uh you don't want To get sick either right I mean that's One of those things is bacteria can grow From that's not happening like chicken And you're fishing stuff like we're Eating yeah the days of the the Soggy Food from the the coolers yeah I don't Miss those no not at all and that's the Thing right ice might be difficult to Source so that's how we do our food Section Um I think as we make our way uh what Are we talking about next water uh stock Water cool so water like food is one of The limiting factors with the amount of Time that we can spend out here right Um so as we go through this I want you To kind of keep that in mind uh there's A couple of really basic principles that We're going to go through that will help You extend that time I guess yeah we Essentially have water that we bring With us that we've got to transport and Then we can acquire water wherever

You're going but then you also have to Make sure that you're cleaning it and Yes properly making sure it's uh good to Drink 100 and that's the differentiation Between two of the ways that I store Water right I have drinking water and Then I have potable water that I can use To clean wash take shower hygiene is Huge as part of the you know the water Stuff so um I carry water on a roto Packs right now I have about four Gallons because it'll support me for Four days I typically do a gallon a day Just as a contingency I'm not like Sucking that down although I do try Um and then you just extend that per you Know remember in your family so I can Double stack them in the Roto packs but I also have a new product to us that you Can actually use to filter and make it So you can bring I think it's was it Five gallons yeah six pounds four Gallons right around there Um you can bring that with you but as You use it then you can refill it and it Has a built-in filter so that you can Just put the water in and then as you Use it it'll filter the water so caring Water is huge uh you have an extended Tank in the trailer there's a 32 gallon Tank on the trailer with a sink a water Pump a shower so I'm using it for Drinking for cooking for cleaning for Showering washing stuff off uh

Everything and when you bring A trailer or something big that allows You to carry that again it extends the Your capabilities in terms of of how Long you can stay how many people you Can support that type of thing so to Kind of in conclusion with water you Need to be able to find water which is Where we're at look at the low-lying Areas Um if you're out and you're able to get A good look like a herd I mean of elk or Deer they'll show you where water is at Because they have to drink too Um so find water you need to be able to Collect water treat water and then store Water or carry collect in stores a lot Of people Oh we can filter it but then we can't do It but you can't store it so if you can Store it you need to make sure you can Clean it if you don't have a filter you Can boil it make sure you get it to a Rolling boil and then it's it's safe but You've got to be able to go through the Whole process to be able to drink the Water nobody wants Giardia nobody wants To lose control of uh you know what I'm Saying we've all played Oregon Trail Nobody wants that so that's water so Next we'll talk about shelter so the Next point we're going to talk about is Shelter and these top three Food Water Shelter they're basic human needs right

One of the things that I want you to Consider is the IOU acronym uh you guys Know at fieldcraft we are obsessed with Acronyms I think that's because it helps You remember things it helps remember Things so IOU you need to sleep in on And under something for shelter and There's a ton of different ways that we Can do it so what's your preferred Method so I mean I've been using the Trailer which has a cabin inside so I Can sleep inside the cabin fully Enclosed Um real walls real walls uh doors Windows like all the things Um I'm getting a little older and Sleeping on the ground isn't as fun as It used to be which I've done plenty of Right right on the ground I've slept on A Cod I slept in a on a pad and a ground Tent Um You've got This is nicer yeah Um but it's also a lot more expensive a Lot more space yes and as we found out Last night reduces your capabilities uh For maneuverability on the trail 100. They're very capable it's a very capable Trailer but it's big it's got something And you've got some limitations on the Trail well and I like that you said that Because honestly I always get some Younger guy who's like oh that's

Glamping as a matter of fact this Morning this morning on Instagram Somebody put that on Amber's post and It's just funny to me camping I know Right right and that's dude I'm trying To come out here and have a good time Remember so like that's part of it yes We're photograph survival Kevin Estella Sleeps in holes all the time he's great And I I used to like take pride in in Doing it as rough as I could 100 that's Nothing that's not the case anymore like Look I'm sorry I I enjoy some Comforts Yes and it's more fun I like to explore In different ways Um a hundred percent there are places That I have seen in my life That are amazing yeah that you can only Get to on flip one I've done the same Thing and yes worth it a hundred percent But It comes at a price absolutely Absolutely your body's ages yes sir and And the needs change over time like you Know that guy's probably a single guy That's great I have a family you know Three kids wifey dog like I said and you Know some of their stuff we talk about The rooftop tent works great for us just To get us to a rat and it fits the kind Of vehicle that I want to use to Recreate okay this is a recreational Site this is what we're doing that's why We talk about operate the outdoors so as

Long as you're comfortable to your Standards You're safe and warm do whatever you Want like you can sleep on the ground With a sleeping bag for all like here Like but make sure that you're doing it Have something underneath you yep have Something protect you from the weather And sleeping in something that's keeping You you warm enough in on and under I Owe you next we got comms I think comes Okay Communications so I have in my hand A little gmr2 from rugged radios highly Recommend these to run gmrs ham was all I heard about when I first started Getting into Communications and I'm Gonna be honest I look at that test and I'm like no sorry like this isn't Happening gmrs you can use a radio yeah You can learn how to use a walkie-talkie Like you learned how when you were like Okay a year old yeah Um and you're good right like you don't Need to worry about all the electricity Yeah exactly voltage and all that Because you just use a a lower power Radio that works for our purpose 100 so For setting up camp Um they're really inexpensive for the The 10-year license is 30 bucks or the FCC website sign up get that done 35. 35 Sorry but it covers your whole family Your whole family for 10 years like That's way it's a no-brainer so at Camp

Uh we run handhelds uh make sure you get The one that can USB charge because the Other ones need the base this one only Charges in the base yes Um using 110. and so It might be a little difficult but it's Harder to charge when you're in your Vehicle so uh I highly recommend these All of us run hard-mounted gmrs radios a Little bit higher wattage but in terms Of Camp you can use that as a base and Then like let's say the kids are hiking Or you know whatever you guys disperse This is a real great way to stay I mean Last night last night's perfectly we Were in a little bit of a tight spot Getting vehicles in and out of of camp And we're having we have spotters and so Instead of yelling you can use a radio We did a little bit of both but this Makes it a lot easier where you can Actually give somebody commands for Moving a vehicle where they can't see And have them be able to hear you Clearly without misinterpreting what You're yelling at them 100 it was it was Perfect for that situation perfect Perfect so check these out you have Another solution that uh yeah I mean so We're in Northern California right now There's no cell phone cell interception Here like dead for all of it so Um and we did a whole video Um you filmed a video on Communications

Already so we we go into kind of the Pace plan but primary is cell phone Alternate was your Wii boost both of Those are out there's there's nothing on That so we're already into the Contingency and emergency solution so Gmrs is great for communicating within The group even on the drive we were Getting about a mile a little over yeah Um of communication between the Hard-mounted with the antennas and that Was great for just a character but once You get to communicating with people Back home Um you've got a couple options right a Satellite device so this is the zolio This runs off of the Iridium satellite Network and it allows me to two-way Message with people back home and so I've been communicating with my wife Sending a few work messages Um and just generally being able to Communicate one of the nice things about Going out is getting off the grid yeah But making sure that you can you know Send the messages and the nice thing About this is I I can control most of The flow I can give the number it's a Separate number so it's not my phone Number so it's not like I'm just getting All the messages but I can control a Little bit more who I'm communicating With and making sure that if I was in an Emergency yep I have something that I

Can send for help absolutely and just General messages non-emergency the new IPhone has satellite messaging which is Amazing but you can't just send Satellite messages yet yeah I'm sure They will but we'll get there um but you Can only use it to communicate in Emergency situations and so this allows Me uh the ability to emergency Communications and then we do have What'd you see behind us so we obviously Uh run the company we have a lot that we Have to do for work yeah so we use this For our events and we bring it off grid When we are going to be gone for a Little an extended period of time so That we can communicate so this is the Starlink it is on their portable mode so We can move it around and we can go so We we turn it on for a little bit here To send and receive messages and and Check on certain things and make sure we Can get some work done obviously you Guys know we do a ton of content a ton Of content we need that yes to be able To do that that's not a necessity but It's something that people are it's Becoming more affordable yeah you don't Have to spend twenty thousand dollars to Get satellite internet anymore it's much More affordable and it's becoming more Mainstream and so people that live in RVs this is a great solution people that Go out for extended periods of time with

Their vehicles have space have the Ability to power it and need that it's It's yeah so it's a con to conclude all This that we're talking about you need To answer who more than anything when it Comes yep these were great for us Caravan in Camp this runs our company I Mean there's most of us that you guys Don't know this but there's only a Handful of us that really do everything At the company that's why that's here so We got food Water Shelter comms the next Thing we're going to talk about is med And I think we'll close it out from There yeah yeah let's talk about maybe Now to wrap everything up we're going to Talk about Med and it's not the least of Our worries last but not least my dad Always just say that so now I say it Because I'm a dad and I love Embarrassing my children Um and what we're going to be talking About is more of the camp based Med kit Right uh ready access is huge for us in Anything that we do so we're not going To really talk you know the vehicle Stuff we've talked a lot about placement And what you keep in your vehicles but This is the fuelcraft duffel 20 liters Dude in Orange that I use to distinguish Med in my vehicle so I got the black Bags in there but when I want to discuss This is easy to spot and I can grab this And and you can easily communicate this

Too someone's there boy grab the orange Back and so yeah this is what I bring to Camp it focuses largely on temperature Control of the body so hypothermia it's Got some Myler space blankets and uh Some hypothermia kits in here as well as Burns and stuff I've got burn cream in Here if you get fire with fire whatever Yeah so it's perfect for Camp so that's What we're trying to do is get you Prepared for what may or may not happen I cut my finger eating an apple earlier Right so little bumps and boot Booboo Kid is always needed we do always carry Uh tourniquets which I there I guess There could be a scenario in Camp that's More of like a Mobility thing when we're Running in car crashes but that's also a Stable cool stuff and so I was like yeah You could get a you could do that you Could Nick an artery but there's a Couple of pieces that I really want to Show you that I think are important one Because while I haven't had to use them Yet but we definitely had this accident In the past and that is you know broken Bones my little girl actually was Hopping around at home uh her and her Brother decided to jump on and off the Couch and she actually got a spiral Fracture on her left tibia okay so my Little ones you know sometimes this Happens or us adults at weak ankles Maybe you'll break something okay so one

Thing that I like to keep and this is uh Something that my wife taught me she's a Family nurse practitioner is the flexol Splint this you can deploy really Quickly and it'll form to whatever you Need so immobilization is great for a Broken bone sprained or something like That to begin the process of treatment So this is real great to have it similar To the Sam splint similar to this Exactly same idea same idea so the other Thing that I do has have is in the event Of something a little bit more tragic or Something where the person cannot move I Actually do have an emergency Stretcher here you can see it's a little Dirty because it is but the Disposable Emergency stretcher goes in there it Actually folds out has carrying handles You lay the person If needed yeah so just something for uh To recover a person out of it and then The normal bumpers and this is our Mobility trauma kit again what we Recommend to keep it in vehicles I'd Keep one of these in here as well just In case so I have I can cover down on Most things Um at Camp if I need to to bring this With me good kit everything is velcro You guys know me I'm obsessed with Multi-cam and Velcro so that easily Deploys uh where can they find this Rob Uh

A lot of this med stuff we do carry on Fieldcraft Survival website uh Um these are coming soon I need this and Uh we uh we're excited about them Um expanding the the line of duffels That we have and so and then yeah uh We've got the tourniquets on the website All that awesome well thank you so much We hope that you like this real short Video on how to set up camp Camp Considerations and the way it pertains To the pillars of preparedness and Survival yeah up in your game a little Bit at a time 100 but you know what Though I the gear videos and and those Videos I think that Um we do get a lot of requests for those So you know let us know in the comments If you want to see more of that stuff uh There's always gear to talk about test Out try out these are just some of the Ways that we do it sounds good thanks Guys awesome Mikey Rob how's it going

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