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Family BUG OUT | the easy way

Family BUG OUT | the easy way

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John Lovell talks about how his preparation has changed since he ditched his bug out bag. The key here is to prepare not just you, but your family to bug out in the event of a societal collapse or other widespread disaster. BONUS: discussion on Walking Dead Zombies vs. World War Z Zombies.
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Hi today welcome back my friends i have Made all kinds of changes regarding my Preparation status for the end of the World boogaloo zombie apocalypse all That stuff so if you're a preparedness Guy you're watching the right video Today because i want to be able to show You some of what i've got it's going to Help some of you out a lot as we think Through how to prepare for a future bad Things happen we'll be ready and if they Don't happen we'll just have a lot of Cool camping supplies and stuff so Pretty cool there no video sponsor today We just asked you to check out our Website warrior poet supply co right There you see it up on screen it looks Lovely and all kinds of body armor you See our network with our streaming Service you can check that out and all Kinds of Cool stuff and so if you want to be able To check things out highly encourage you To support us over there lots of Emergency preparation stuff and medical Stuff and belts and Holy cow lots of good stuff so make sure You check it out there it wasn't Terribly long ago when i made a video on How i was ditching my bug out bag and That upset a lot of people on the Internet because hey i was proud of my Back and you may be proud of your bag Too and you get to keep your bug out bag

I'm not going to tell you you have to Throw it in the river or anything it's Just i want you to think through Logically what are what are the things That you're really preparing against for Me with the family it just wasn't really A tenable strategy to be able to have me With a bug out bag for all of them or Even just kind of everyone with their Bug out bag because the grass isn't Always greener we've got all of our life Here and it's not just all of our Different preparations the area that we Know all of our neighbors i mean like I'm friends with cops and ems in our Community and so it's like man i would Rather bed down here now there's Sometimes where you do have to get out Of dodge say you live on the coast and You got a hurricane moving towards you Probably don't want to bug in in that Scenario or maybe you live in downtown Atlanta or new york city someplace Densely populated area you've got to be Able to get out of that place uh in a Hurry and so those are places when a bug Out bag makes sense however i've made Major updates i've kind of ditched the Idea of a bag all together and i want to Catch you up to what i've got now so Let's uh move deeper into my garage We're just standing here because the Cool frame shot and uh our Videographer really wanted to put that

On screen so good job way to go bro you Made the good call so let's push in [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right guys so first i'm going to go And relive some stuff that i still have In place this is like a get home bag it Goes in my truck and it's filled with All kinds of stuff of radios spare Clothes Cooking set fishing accessories this Thing that has all kinds of just trash Bags lighters matches 550 cord led Lights that kind of stuff and i got big Knives all the normal kind of bug-outish Stuff that you would expect i've got in This so this kind of lives in a truck This is as close as i have to an actual Bug out bag however it's really more Suited for going camping or something Like that so i got my hydration and all The normal survival gear things you Would expect in kind of a traditional Bug out bag But it's a little bit more of Grab-and-go for hunting or camping or Something like that i love this bag we Have this bag on our website so if you Like this thing and it's got all the Kidney pads uh probably my favorite pack Out there i've got three different Ebberly stocks this is my favorite and i

Think it's the gunslinger 2. anyway Check it out on our website if you like It but the the big takeaway here is i've Got this scarab thing that comes With the bag so i can put uh you know Like a long range precision gun in there Or something like this In and it's not affecting my back at all And it's really easy to get so you don't Have to Tote your gun in your hand so anyway Awesome love the bag but really what We're into now is i do the boxes and This isn't just our complete grab-and-go This is a garage i can't control Temperature in here so i've got all Kinds of emergency storage food i've got My guns and my ammunition too which i Just frankly didn't feel comfortable With storing it in my garage even though This is secured surveilled and Wired into alarm systems i still just Didn't feel very comfortable with that So this is a piece i'd say if all of a Sudden we had to get out of dodge and It's hard for me to think of a scenario Where we are all of a sudden Loading up and getting out of dodge but We could i've got my truck i've got a Flatbed trailer i've also got an Enclosed trailer and with about 30 Minutes or an hour notice i could load Up all my different boxes with survival Gear i could also grab a bunch of my

Storage food Ammunition and guns and i bet we could Be very very well suited out in a very Short amount of time now that means i'm Really anchored into vehicles i got to Go expeditionary however i think that's Just a little bit more realistic if We're going to play the thought Experiment of all the things that could Happen and the different contexts that I'm entertaining i think bug out boxes For where we're at uh makes a good bit More sense so i wanted to go through Just some of this to help kind of whet Your appetite of what you could be doing So uh first off Very odds and news This Is don't hey don't judge the purple bro My wife had a hand in this stuff as well But i've got lots of uh Uh cold weather gear Here's my wubby from the military which Is great But uh we're set up with all kinds of Pillows and fleeces and all kinds of Sleeping bags and then lots of Inflatable sleep pads but for my family Of four No matter how cold it gets we're ready With just this box and so when it's Sleep time this is the sleep box And so uh that one's ready to go [Applause]

Uh also this is good in that I don't think it's good for sleeping Bags to be really hard compressed they Lose some of their ability to do warm Things for you when they're just overly Compacted so you let those things Breathe when they're in storage Furthermore i don't want mice and all Kinds of insects to be able to get at it And so being able to seal all my stuff In something like this Is uh going to give me a lot more Time out of my equipment All right This Is an important one This is our cooking bin and so man to be Able to set up real quick With just our little coleman stove here And to be able to do our cooking Uh as so this is mostly just uh cheap Stuff that my wife wouldn't get mad at She wouldn't give me the good stuff uh From the kitchen Uh but all of our just Uh silverware and more pots and bowls And dish soap and paper towels Everything that we need to do our Cooking stuff is all in here Let's see let's see what magical love we Can find here guns are all over the Place at my place So there's that This is just storage gear this is a

Bunch of sandbags So i can make a bunker because i'm a Psychopath uh overflow sleeping bags Uh all some just extra food a good bit Of fuel so this uh two four six uh eight Nine things of just propane to run our Stove with Overflow Plates Hammock A big roll of 550 cord this is just a General overflow it looks like of Survival gear And now it gets put away My kids are small and so where i have More individualized tents this is our Big six-person tent so we all just Uh go in together as a family it's not Particularly great it's cheap but it man It's like a it's a huge uh family room In there it's pretty awesome so lots of Just different tint options that just Wouldn't fit in backpacks or my other Boxes If you look up here this is just going To be general survival gear survival Gear i've got some quick d-bags that i Can grab for cold winter clothes for the Whole family so that's up there This is More range accessories and stuff for Shooting This is like some emp proofed radios and Some electronics that i want to keep

Sensitive Berkey with water filters already in There and i have more water filters Ready to go Uh this is something new we added to the Store some quick fire starters we'll Take a look at that but you just light That little packet and it burns for a Couple minutes Uh oh burns for up to 10 minutes I didn't time it guys we'll do that Later but yay for that Uh and then Heaters this is just filled with candles So i have hundreds and hundreds of hours Of candles in here this is a big Cast iron right here Anyway you're getting the idea Lots and lots of survival gear This is more like tactical gear under Here Going through ammunition and accessories More uh more survival gear more survival Gear as i said before this isn't all of Our stuff this is just a good sampling Of it uh the more i look around the more I find of just like stuff ready to go Like here's a pretty dope generator and My bow and arrow Uh here's a long-range precision gun Just filled with ammo and magazines it Is ready for uh playtime what i've Showed you here is a good start all this Stuff is great you also need to revisit

Emergency storage food your ammunition Stores and also water storage and All the sustainable living i'm on a Homestead now and so we have all kinds Of options with sustainable Food and sustainable water sources so as Long as i'm not bugging out i'm good to Go so guys the scope of this video is is We're trading bug out bags for bug out Boxes so if we needed to get out a dodge And I don't want to do that very few Scenarios where i would do that but what I would do is i just grab a bunch of These boxes throw them in my truck if i Had more time i'd grab a trailer put a Generator on it i'm also going to be Grabbing my Storage water i'll be grabbing lots of Ammunition and all my favorite guns and That stuff and also some storage food Lots of storage food and then we can be Able to hit the road and look for Greener pastures i bet i could have all That loaded up in less than an hour if i Needed to so that's our kind of bug out Strategy don't be freaked out if you Don't have a lot i'd really just Encourage you to just choose one thing Maybe it's just hey you know what i'm Going to start with getting a three-week Supply of food and that's what you're Going to do i'd highly encourage you to Do something and then also say

Check out my patriot supply there's a Lot of different storage food companies You can get i've done my own evaluations And i have a lot of different companies Some of them taste Really bad some of them taste very good Some of them are good for camping but Not for long-term storage Some of them are really good for Long-term storage but you're going to Break the bank the best deal that i Found was my patriot supply i liked them So much that i partnered with them and i Got an affiliate code that saves you Money and it also helps us out so if you Want to check out my patriot supply we Have a link for it down below if you use The link it helps us if you don't use Our link it doesn't so if you hate us Don't use the link right so Anyway hey that's hurtful you know That's hurtful so now i want to hear From you list down below in the comments How have we helped you in this video are You changing anything or have i missed Something where did i get it wrong and So uh we'll just continue growing Together and that'll be uh pretty fun Make sure you like this video share Because big tech is not helping us grow Make sure you're subscribed they Unsubscribe people all the time and make Sure notifications are turned on so you Actually find out when we launch a video

Check out our streaming service we've Got an app wpsn it's watch Appreciate it remember to drop by our Store and give us some love guys have Fun preparing for the apocalypse but Zombies are definitely going to uh Eat you all alive anyway so There's that Where's that i hope that it's like um Walking dead zombies and not like world War z zombies Uh if there were more z zombies we have No chance there's no chance everyone Dies it doesn't matter what you have in Your cute little boxes or your bags You're gonna get immediately just Swarmed and piranha eaten by horrible World war z zombies or the i am legend Zombies it's like i feel like we we Could go 50 50 on i am legend zombies Those are freaky awful zombies but No chance the walking dead zombies take Over the earth like no chance like just Just me and some of my redneck southern Friends will solve the The walking dead zombies in a in a a Weekend a long weekend we'll wrap that Up so pray To jesus that they aren't world war ii Zombies Good chat Okay goodbye now Rich graham this guy is a former navy Seal that's come up with a great system

It's a muscle memory system meaning You're going to do the same motions Regardless of whether it's your fist a Knife a pistol and even a rifle in your Hands i had the opportunity to go out to Rich's training facility you talk about Like paradise for anybody who loves guns Knives fighting you name it it's in Florida it's swampy there's alligators Everywhere in my opinion it's a great Place to practice and train deadly Skills [Music] You

Welcome to Survival Skills Now.
After seeing and experiencing some of the effects of global warming, increased floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, and other situations, I see the importance of prepping. It is my mission to present survival skills information so that we can prepare for any survival situation.

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