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Freeze Dried Dog Food For My Dog’s Bug Out Bag

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If you plan to take Spot with you during an emergency evacuation, she or he will need their bug-out bag. Your dog needs many of the items you have in your bug-out bag to take care of basic needs: shelter, water, food, preferably freeze-dried dog food, and one or two items to make her or him feel secure.

When you prepare for emergencies with your pet in mind, you won’t have to leave her or him behind. There are advantages to having a well-trained dog with you in a survival situation. They offer companionship, warmth on cold nights, and a large can dog provides a degree of protection.

Packing items in a backpack for your dog is not enough. You have to train your dog to be comfortable carrying their bug-out bag.

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Training and Conditioning for You and Your Dog in an Emergency

Your dog can and should carry its bag in an emergency;  doing this gives them a sense of purpose.

You can practice conditioning yourself and your dog by gradually increasing the length of your walks and going camping with your dog.  The more you and your dog practice carrying a bug-out bag and dog backpack, the easier it will be to travel with your dog in an emergency or survival situation.

Make sure to train your dog to carry their backpack on and off the lease.

Below are tips for selecting a backpack for your dog, as well as the items that will need to go into your dog’s emergency bag.

  • BackPack for Dogs

A good backpack should be comfortable for your dog to wear for an extended time.  It should be padded, with different compartments for designated items, have two separate bags,  adjustable straps, and the harness in the middle.  The straps should allow for a better fit when your dog is carrying something heavier on one side.  The straps should bring up one side a little higher or lower for the right balance.

Your dog’s backpack should also be water-resistant and have a rear-mounted leash hook. Instead of having the leash attached to the backpack’s front when connected to the back, you have better control of your dog.  You are not pulling your dog by the neck. If they take off, you’re pulling your dog by the whole body.

Don’t forget to select a backpack for your dog designated for their weight and look at the warranty.  Is there a lifetime guaranteed against any rips, breaks, or tears in the fabric or stitching?

  • Familiar Article of Clothing or Toy

Your dog must have a familiar item in its bag. A toy will help your dog feel safe during an emergency. One way to do this is to pack something that has your scent.
No matter what the situation, play is essential for your dog, and a toy is an opportunity to have fun and relieve stress.

  • Freeze-dried dog food as treats

In a survival situation, treats are essential. Treats will help keep your dog obedient and calm and give them the familiar comfort they would have at home.  An easy treat would be to reward them with pieces of freeze-dried dog food.

A shelter will keep your dog warm and dry.

  • Blanket

Your dog will need to stay warm, so a blanket can take care of this and be used as a bed as well. Select a lightweight blanket that is easy to fold and put into your dog’s saddlebag.

How do you provide clean drinking water for your dog?

As with humans, water is a necessity for your dog. Excellent options to ensure safe drinking water is to use a water filter or water purification tablets.

  • Water Purification Tablets and Filters

Water purification tablets are easy to include in your dog’s bug-out bag;  they are small, lightweight, and easy to store.  You should always have water purification tablets in your dog’s backpack.  Shake the tablets to make sure they dissolve and wait the allocated time on the package.   Also, check the shelf life on the package.

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In addition to water purification tablets,  having a portable water filter as a backup, ensures that your dog has continued access to clean drinking water, if your supply of purification tablets run out.   Portable water filters are compact and can provide 1 to 2 years of drinking water.   

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Make sure to put a bottle of water in your dog’s saddlebag, but no more than that because the backpack will become too heavy.

  • Collapsible Bowl

Collapsible backpacker’s bowls are lightweight, which makes them easy to store in your dog’s saddlebag. Bring two (one for food and one for water) or a set. Don’t forget to bring something to the bowls after using them.

Why Pack Freeze-Dried Dog Food In Your Dog’s Bug Out Bag?

Freeze-dried dog food weighs less than canned dog food or traditional dry food and takes up less space.

  • Freeze Dried Dog Food

Like your bug-out bag has food for 72 hours, your dog’s bug-out bag should also have food for three days.  If your dog does not currently eat freeze-dried dog food, feed it to them to become familiar with it. Select a brand that is geared toward sensitive stomachs.

Security Items for Your Dog’s Bug Out Bag

There are several items to have in your dog’s bug-out bag to keep them physically and medically safe.

  • Additional Leash

Your dog must have an extra leash, a durable leash. Avoid the collapsible ones; your dog could break them.

  • Dog Collar and Tags

Include an additional collar and set of dog tags. Make sure your name, phone number, and any relevant vaccination information is on the tags. Your dog should not be without its collar and dog tags.

  • Medication

Your dog has medication that should be taken regularly, so be sure to pack it in their bug-out bag. These medications can include monthly flea and tick medicine, heartworm medication, or any other specialized medication (such as insulin) they make be taking. Make sure the medication is current, and there is enough of it.


Your dog is not merely a pet. They are a part of your family; they can be an asset in a survival situation, especially if you are prepared and condition them to eat freeze-dried dog food and become familiar with the bug-out experience.

Remember, a well-stocked dog bug-out bag can keep your dog safe in an emergency.

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