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Garmin Fenix 7, Tactix 7 and Epix 2 complete review

Garmin Fenix 7, Tactix 7 and Epix 2 complete review

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Chapters :
0:00 – Intro
1:36 – What kind of watch user am I?
3:34 – Built quality
6:52 – The glass
8:52 – Model options
11:36 – Bands options
15:59 – GPS precision
17:14 – HR accuracy
18:44 – Flashlight
23:09 – Watch independency
25:00 – Resistance to disuse
26:53 – Reverse the watch
28:32 – Sports available
29:50 – Multisport mode
32:43 – Watch face customization
36:26 – Widgets
40:55 – Music
43:25 – Battery life
48:44 – Temperature
49:11 – Screen brightness and readability
53:52 – Notification and reply
55:13 – Interface (Touch and buttons controls)
59:26 – Trust
1:02:38 – Water Resistance
1:03:40 – Mapping and navigation
1:10:07 – Storrage
1:10:56 – Screen size over Watch Size
1:13:26 – Weight and confort
1:15:19 – Language available
1:15:56 – Activity pages
1:21:02 – Alarm
1:22:14 – Tactix military options
1:25:00 – Moving motivation
1:26:27 – Altimeter
1:28:28 – Price
1:31:53 – User friendly or not?
1:34:52 – Wireless connectivity
1:35:41 – USB connection
1:36:30 – Sync
1:37:36 – Live track
1:38:18 – Training animation
1:41:08 – The app
1:43:57 – Costumer service
1:44:36 – Final verdict

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[Music] Oh It was about time today it's time for The full review of the garmin fenix Series which include the tactics and the Epics let's do this [Music] Oh it was about time i'm so happy to do That video today Why do i make the review of those three Watches together it's because it's Basically the same watch in different Cases they are Let's say 95 persons The same and there's a five percent Difference difference in each of them so I think it's better to do one video and Talk about that difference instead of Doing three times the same video With those little difference so You'll be able to see that well what is The difference and make a better choice After watching that video This will be a very long video if you Look at the timeline Just right here uh you will see that It's chaptered so if you want to skip Straight to a point that you want to Hear about Well you can do this and if at some Point i talk about something you don't Care well you can skip to the next point I won't be mad so before we start i have

To see what kind of user i am to use Those watch i think it's important to Say because Not everybody is looking for the same Thing in every watches so What i'm looking to watch is something That looks great That is a support watch so Have the gps built in and have many uh Features to track my activity And i love the fact to have a smartwatch But it's not what i'm looking at first That doesn't mean it's not a great smart Watch it's not just what i'm looking for So The activity i do is the most is hiking Walking and cycling I do some running but it's not what i do The most Um so yeah i i do Probably all kind of activities but That's the one i make the most so that's The activities i tested with it So For the rest of the video we will change Of plans so you can see the watch better So here we are into that camera angle And yes just before we start i want you To Acknowledge that yes The epics does look way better than the Two others and It is It is looking way better uh we will come

On this later but what i want to tell You is that at some point you Probably you will have hard time to read What is on those screen and Well it's not that bad in real life Actually you see there is that Reflection of The a big light i have over the camera And Some angle you're you're not able to see But with your with my eyes actually i Can still see it so it's not this bad But yes the epix does look way better Than the other So let's start with the first point Which is uh the quality the build Quality Uh everything uh here on those three Watch is a great quality Here we have the garmin fenix 7 X Sapphire solar This is the garmin tactics Pro So the solar model And this is the apex 2 Uh sapphire model Uh okay So If we take those Two so the phoenix and the epics We do One more point You might realize that those are not the

Band that come with the watch but we Will come back on this later so those Two watch the phoenix and the apex does Come with the same case So same build quality in front And in back So very very good build quality We have some screws at the back there is No Uh screw on the front anymore like we Had before that's the tactics delta so The previous model of that one uh you See there was crews over there now they Move it uh Right there In the corner outside of the bezel Uh it's the same thing of all of them You can see it's it's the same case it's It's the very same Thing for the the three watches The back the back is beautiful beautiful Also very very well done uh all great Quality i think it says titanium you see Here it says Titanium so it's titanium in front and On the back Uh there is that dlc cover they call it Diamond like carbon That uh contour on the fat bezel on the Uh Tactics model uh probably i would say That they are All as durable they are all as tough i Don't uh worry to smash them uh

I think they are very tough Uh however i would say it's a guess but I would say that the bezel and the Tactics seems to be more more scratch Proof Uh in fact if you look at my old Delta there is still no crash after Wearing it for i would say over a year [Music] But None of them actually have scratches so I would just say that it feel feels Mostly uh durable A bit more durable for that one But Except that The big difference between those two is The buttons It's the same buttons on those two but This one Have a different kind of button and i Would say that those one are Better easier to press uh feels better To touch The tactics buttons feels better so That's a little difference between All of those three watches now let's Talk about the glass uh in those Cases uh You have some options but all of those Three watches are the model are the Sapphire model Uh if we look at the tactics you don't Have the choice to have a sapphire

Crystal screen So that's not an option if we go with The apex you have the option to have Gorilla glass or Sapphire crystal glass and same thing For the phoenix but all of those three Are sapphire crystal glass If you go with the Guerrilla glass You will have a mostly clear view of the Numbers It's just more clear the thing with the Gorilla glass is that you will probably Scratch it someday It's You will you will scratch it it's it's It's for sure Um the thing i love about sapphire Crystal glass is that it's almost not Scratchable and i say almost because Well that's what garmin says but uh i Had so much i i did Uh knock my my watches so many times and Few of them i would not have been Frustrated if my sapphire crystal Glass was scratched and it just never Happened to me So It's almost not scratchable so i i love The fact that it's not But yes it comes with the fact that You got those reflection That You have less with

The gorilla glass Uh but that's the way it is uh if you Want to go with the girl glass well it's You have you see the the glass is is a Little bit just under the bezel so it's A bit protected but you will probably Scratch it someday so in every case it's A little bit uh under it under the bezel Just a little bit Now let's talk about the Look option you have when you buy the Watch um well i would say that Because it's it's the same watch it's The very same watch Everything start with the phoenix And So so the tactics is a phoenix in a Different case and some military option And the apex is A phoenix with a better display It's pretty much that's it so you do Have a lot of options if we go with the Tactics you have three options the first One is the base model so we got sapphire Crystal glass And That size of watch and if you go with The pro model you will have the Solar panel so it will help to make the Battery last a little bit longer and you Have the ballistic model which is A sapphire crystal screen also With the The solar panel plus uh if you want to

Calculate the Trajectory of a bullet well you can do That i never tried If you go with the epix model you will Have the option to have the base model Which doesn't have the sapphire crystal Screen and if you go with the sapphire Crystal screen model you will have two Options of color If you go with uh those two watch the Tactics and the epics only comes into That size you may have realized that Uh the apex is a little bit smaller than My phoenix the phoenix come in three Size that's the x the same size as the Tactics the tactics only one come in x Size So this is the regular size The epics only come into the regular Size That one is the x size it also comes Into the normal size And it also come into the small size so If you see a x it's the biggest model if You don't see anything it's the regular Model and if you see a s it's the Smaller model so that's really up to you But if you take a smaller watch it comes With a smaller battery also just Consider that but if you don't want to Have that big rock on your wrist well You can take a smaller model there's Actually 16 Options into the phoenix series

If we exclude those one And It's the small the normal the big and For all of them or almost you have the Option to have or not the the sapphire Crystal screen and the solar panel That's really up to you you also have Some options about colors all of those Watches come with that bend so it's a Silicon band I'm not a huge fan of silicon band but They do the job uh this one is actually Very comfortable uh But i just think there's better so That's why i'm not using silicon band But still uh it breathed well it never Smelled bad Uh The build quality is Awesome Uh you can change it very easily so if i Uh take that one by the way um This one uh tactics is the only one that May also come with a second bend so All of the watches all of the phoenix Watches series come with that silicon Band i have to make a little correction I've just realized i made a mistake this Band is the one that come with the Tactics the phoenix and the apex come With that band instead but well it's About the same thing i can say exactly The same thing about it it just look a Little bit different but uh if from the

Tactics pro and the ballistic it also Comes so you got the the nylon one you Got the silicon one but you have this Nylon band in bonus And actually i love that paint uh Seriously it's very very comfortable Breath very well Very very very very well done and it's Very easy to change you just come here At the back and it's very easy to remove Uh if you want to remove it you won't You won't remove it accidentally and When you want to put back The other one it's just right here you See just Pull onto that lever here and you just Put it in and that's it so it's so easy To replace Just like that and that's that's the one You have With the tactics when you go with the Pro or the ballistic So it's very easy to replace so don't Stop uh Your choice on on the on the bend uh Actually this bend can be sold Separately so if you want a phoenix with That band you can do it Except on that one because uh This one is larger than this one so They don't do that one to fit on the Effects But it's very very easy to replace uh i Love i love the fact that it is easily

Changeable uh that's the uh how do they Call it That's the ultra fit so it's a little It's a nylon band that can stretch a Little bit And Then it's velcro i think it's loved by The running community because it's very Very lightweight lightweight and Just fit Very well Perfectly but no it's not my favorite One You can go Of course with that one and leather that Looks Lovely in my opinion and is very very Comfortable maybe not the one i would Put to Go running but uh perfect for Uh a dinner Or If you go out and want to look good uh I love that band Very cool And Actually uh still my favorite one Uh that i use most of the time maybe not The best for uh Running or do sport activity but it's That one uh it look Insanely good And it's very comfortable And

Yeah What i love about that one is that The watch is heavy And The band this band is heavy too so it Feel more balanced and So easy to put on And put off I love that one It's my actual favorite and yes i can do Cycling with it not the best uh probably That for sport activity uh my favorite Is that nylon bend But for the rest of the day i love that One Very very loved that one okay so let's Zoom back in the next point is about uh The gps precision and i have nothing Negative to say about this uh in fact i Think they even improve it since the Last Uh model It get your position so So quickly uh well let's see actually I'm inside i will do most of the videos Uh with that one just because the screen Looks better but if i start an activity And i'm actually Inside so yes there's a roof Just over me uh it might took more time But Actually when you are outside well you See it was very very quick uh but when You are outside it's even quicker uh

Sometime i do have my position into When one to five seconds actually Probably did take 10 It's always very very quick and The precision is very very good I'm almost the time on the right side of The road when i'm into the forest It's just accurate all the time All the time it's very very accurate so Nothing negative to say about the the Gps accuracy now if we talk about the Hearth rate accuracy that is also Well very very good and actually it's Hard to see on that one but anyway it's It's the same it's they all have the Same earth rate sensor And it is also very very good uh very Very accurate i feel Uh that the information that i have is Accurate all the time uh you might see You will probably see at some point in The video uh when i do deposit it on on This mat sometime it does Uh see a hearthbeat which is weird but Anyway is it Is it bad Probably not usually you wear it on your On your wrist most of the time it's fine But i don't know why here it does i did Have a lot of comment about that on the Previous video you see There is actually My heart rate but anyway Anyway uh when you put it on your wrist

Uh it does an accurate job the only Thing i could say is that when i do Start an activity and and i do start it Uh really hard Uh i feel that there's a kind of delay But i think it's because of the fact That It feels like if garmin broadcast an Average of the last minute or the last Few minutes instead of the actual earth Rate so that Would be the reason of the delay but That's only my guess Okay now let's talk about the flashlight And On the epics you got This flashlight so yes it does some White lines and The screen produce light and well it's Kind of impressive of What it can produce as light it's kind Of impressive It will help you for sure if you are Lost in the wood at night and you don't See the trail Or you don't see anything you will see A bit around you so That might be very very handy But it is nothing to compare with the Flashlight we have on those two big guys And the flashlight you only have it on The tactics And the phoenix x And the flashlight is just right here

You can see that you just double press The light button and you got a Flashlight a real flashlight and it's Kind of strong it kind of Looks like the one you probably have on Your phone So same thing here double press oh Actually you see that's a red light That's the one i use uh last time so if I come Into that menu here so i press and hold The light button to come into Uh those options and i navigate to the Flashlight select it And here i've got a red flashlight and i Can also choose how strong i want to Have my light Uh so the phoenix does have a white and A red light And if we go here on the tactics You can have a green light Different color so It's not an option this one is green This one is red and that's the way it is But for the white light it's the very Very same thing and it does produce a Lot of light Um At first i tell myself well that's a Great gadget i will probably use it uh Sometime And actually i use it every Single day Multiple times when i do a walk

I do a lot of night activity so when i'm Outside sometime i do use it when i do Walk Inside my home Uh at night uh instead of turning on a Light i just use my flashlight because i Have it on my wrist and the only thing i Have to turn it on is click click It's just wonderful if you want to If you wake up at night to Serve you a glass of water well that's Perfect if you go Into Under your uh Under your office uh you want to grab Something into a dark place well click Click you've got your light It's very very handy the last time i did Use it is uh yesterday I did a ride At night and i forget to bring my tail Light so when i did come back The sun was set there was a lot of car So what i did is that i come here into Flashlight and you can go into the menu And you can activate a strobe So there we have we got a strobe you can Have a strobe looking like this that's The one i did use so it was green looks Different And i was not tossable so because it is Uh on your wrist just like that Usually you point your wrist On bicycle down so it was creating a big

Green light On the ground and if you're running Or walking It will point behind you so it will You'll be able to uh to to make yourself Visible to the incoming cars So yes it's a very very good feature That Uh i miss instantly when i do try Another watch so It can be that one even if the screen is Beautiful we'll come back to that later Or if i just test any other watch i Always missed the uh flashlight feature Because i use it really often The next point is about how independent The watch is from your phone your Computer or any other things and it is Very independent I did realize a little bit earlier that As you can see my watch this one is Actually still in french So if i want to modify that settings Well i don't need a phone i don't need a Computer i can do that straight into the Watch so i just press and hold that Button just right here that brings me to The menu press one time up going to System and then i've got a language just Right here and i put it back into English and it's very everything is Quick to do you got access to a big menu Uh see watch face clock history uh you Have access to so

So Many many things menu sub menus sub sub Menus and sub sub sub sub menus you have A lot of options everything can be Modified straight into the watch you Is it never or almost never need your Phone 99 at least 99 percent of the Stuff you can do it straight On the watch no no phone no need of Computer if you want to start an Activity let's say run that's the Pre-built page but if you want to modify The info you got into this you can go Into round settings data screens and Modify it you can change the layout if You want to have More stuff we'll come back to that later You can change the data fields you got Inside that's the Earth rate right now but i can also have My pace or Average pace that whatever you have a Lot of feels you can modify everything Straight into the watch so the watch is Very very Independent which brings us to the next Point which is how the watch is Resistant to this use And because of that previous point it is Very resistant to disuse well first First because of the build quality i Don't worry that that this is something That will Break into

A year or two i think it's built to last Of course i'm not a garmin user since Many many many years i would say About two years But they feel The feel of a very great build quality So i don't think this will be a problem But the huge advantage of garmin watches Is How independent they are because If you look at the competition you Always need The phone application Or computer application to modify Something into your watch you also need That to Synchronize your watch but not here Because everything can be modified Inside the watch so if garmin go Bankrupt and Their application is no longer available Well Still You'll be able to To uh modify your stuff on the watch And the other thing is about Synchronization it's the only watch Brand That i know That you can connect If If garmin go bankrupt and you still want To export your activity to strava for Example you can use the usb connection

At the back connected to your computer And go extract The uh The file from the watch to your computer And then manually send it to strava of Course it's not the best option But still If garmin go bankrupt you don't end up With an empty shell the next point is Can you reverse the watch and it's a Point that i Take a note because of corrose because Karos you can take the watch put it on The other side Just like that And reverse the screen and it's keep Going on on the side you want And They don't do that at garmin um That would be great if they do it Because the thing is You see when you put the watch on your Wrist on your left wrist like most People Uh You can control the watch just like that So you use your thumb to go up and down You can select with the index and you Can go back with your Big finger i don't know how you call it In english but uh You see it goes very very well to Control it However if you're left-handed you will

Probably put your watch on your right Hand And Well whoops Not used to put it on that one that's Another story now you have to use your Index to go up and down and thumbs it's Not this bad but It's not intended to work this way So that would have been great If they let us the option To reverse the watch So A left handed can use Uh the watch still with its thumb and Select They would just need to make the screen Reversible but uh it doesn't work so That would have been A great feature To have Now let's talk about the quantity of Sport available inside the watch and That's a lot So if we come just right here into the Sport menu uh we can see the one that i Have actually set into my watch uh so Trail running run hike bike walk Strength and Then find into the least favorite so I've got navigate expedition all those Things and i want to come to the add Button And we have so multisport that is

Configurable And ultrarun treadmile virtual run track Run indoor climb bike indoor mountain Bike e-bike mountain bike cycle cross Gravel bike bike commute Bike tour bike road bike pool swim open Water tree alone swim run Adventure race and i will pass them very Quickly Because there's a lot but still you can See all of them but You do Have A lot of options and finally you got Other uh if you want to do Other things probably maybe there is a Sport that you do that is not available Inside the watch but still You do have a lot of sport available so Another great thing Another thing that i love a lot is The multi-sport mode very very well done So As you saw right Not there Right there you got the multi-sport mode So you can go inside here it's a Triathlon Brick Custom you can select the support that You will Want to do or Whatever You can select in order that was naming

The multi-sport mode and you can select This port you want to have in which Order but I don't use that one but because there Is something that is so well built and For this you have to come Just one time into the menu so you press And hold that one you go down into System and you go down to Hotkeys And you set up and actually i set that Up on Uh down plus start so you see it does Change sport uh those shortcuts when you Go inside here you can select a Combination of buttons and select what You want to do with that combination of Buttons so very Very Well done you have a lot of options just Right here so what i did with those two Button is to change sport so it's not Built like that by default but that's The way i set it up so if i go here and I do start a run and i do start the Activity so actually i'm doing my run And at some point whoa there's a bicycle Just right there i want to jump onto it And do some bicycles so what i will do Is press on all those two button that Will bring me up that page to choose the Next part that i want to do and i have The choice of all all of my activities And i said i want to do

A bike That was live track we'll come back on This later Um So if i want to do bikes so i select it Just like that and i've done my 32 Seconds of running and now i did switch To bike so actually my bike activity is Started and well i can keep doing my Bike activity and at some point i can Again press those two button And go in hike mode so let's do hike and I've done 17 seconds of bicycle and now I'm hiking i didn't change my sport i Will see it into my multi-sport activity At the end and now i have the Information that i want to see when i do Hiking very very well done again when You're done you press the start stop Button And you can save it as a multi-sport Mode activity But actually as i didn't do anything i Would just go down and say discard you Want to discard yes and that actually is Not this card so it's very hard to ask For a better multi-sport mode now let's Talk about the watch interface and again I will continue with that one just Because as you can see Uh it just looked better It just looked better so uh It's the same thing uh you see it's the Very same watch face we do have about

The same watch face in Those Three watches uh the only difference you Might see Uh if you go with the smaller model i Guess uh probably that the regular model So the one that is the same size On this on this phoenix phoenix here May have less information but i i'm Pretty sure that the s model does have Less information because actually i've Got a lot of information on the same Page You got just right here one two three Four five six seven eight nine Information On the main screen you can also have Less information if you like uh so i Present that's the way it works Everywhere you are inside the watch if You want to modify something you press And hold the menu button Which bring you the option of well Actually i'm on watch face so i do see Watch face so i hit watch face and i can Select a different Watch face if you want to to be analog Or numerical You can choose between all of those and As you can see some of them does have Less Information And once you're in there you can also if I press here i can

Lay out data so if i want to change the Data you can see i can change the date Right here or i can go Well actually i'm changing the date if i Go to the next one let's say that one You see i got my altitude barometric uh Pressure earth rate uh battery time Actual temperature you Have a Lot of options let's go back i want to Show you what i did with mine I did choose to have on my main screen Um So actual sunset time so at 2015 tonight The sun will set Uh the actual altitude is 91 meters we Are tuesday 17 right there it's 1502 i have done Since this morning uh 1063 Step Uh Not with that watch uh that's funny so i Did it with That watch and You see well that one is a bit higher Just because that which didn't sync with The app since the last few Minutes or hours but they sync together Through the app uh you've got your Battery Not battery level but battery time Remaining If i press the down button here i can See both so i've got time and battery

Percentage Right there i have the highs and lows of The day so a maximum of 13 degrees and Lows of four that's in celsius and That's 14 is the actual temperature and If you look just overhead you see that Little hearthrate uh it's because i Didn't wear the watch for the last few Hours but that one You might see You see that line actually i'm not Wearing it but that line is my earth Right when i was wearing it so you are Able to have a four hour graph Of your earth rate four or six hours not Sure Uh so you have a graph on the main on The main page with your heart rate but That's what you choose to have And so very very Well done You also have a lot of Other things uh you got widget and just To show you That it's the same thing Uh you see we've got widget it just look Brighter and the color are more Beautiful onto The uh epics But it's It's the very Very Same thing On all of those watches just just to

Show you because i will continue on that One because it just looked better on the Camera Uh so what do we have as a App a widget widget so the first one is The one uh is the one that i love a lot And it's the weather uh I love it because in winter when i want To go outside at night i don't know what I will wear because the temperature do Vary a lot so the only thing i have to Do is just to look right here And i know that it's 14 degrees outside So i know what i will wear But if i go down here and select that That widget well i know that it's 14 Outside that it feels like 14 there There is actually 60 percent of rain I've got my eyes and lows of the day i Know there's a Wind of 23 kilometers per hour from west That is coming from west And uh it just have been updated at 14 58. Uh i can have the uh forecast for the Next hours just right here with all of Those information and i can go up to 12 Or 11 hours Next hour so i can have my forecast for The next few days And A 12-hour trends for the temperature and Rain And air quality just right here so

Beautiful Beautiful woodjet We've got that one also that is made to See the sunset and sunrise time so i Know that today the sun rises at 5 19 And uh set at 2015. we are actually here On that graph and there is five hours Nine minutes left of sun for today Even if it's cloudy Uh if we go inside we got this on the Beautiful graph we also have the Twilight time for the sunrise and sunset And if i press the up and down men Button i can see it for tomorrow next Week or any day of the week i can have The information and again like i told You earlier if you press and hold the Menu button anywhere you hot you are you Will have more options so if i press That one i can select the location that I want so i can search for a city I can use a save location i can use the Map to navigate where i want and select Where i want to see uh the sunset and Sunrise time of the day another lovely Widget is the abc for altimeter power Meter encompass which gives you your Actual altitude the direction you are Looking at and the atmospherical Pressure that is actually Stable you can have a graph of your Previous hours Very very well done again you have your View to max just right here

Uh you've got your youtube max for Cycling and all those things Uh your training status your last Activity number of step of the day That's a goal i didn't i never touch it But the gold does vary every day if you Do more activity it will ask you more Every time so you might end up Eventually to have twenty thousand Uh step to do in your day Uh you've got your earthquake actually There's nothing because i'm not wearing It That's your body battery Actually not showing it because i'm not Wearing the watch You've got your sleep score Number of time you sleep into the last Night uh you've got your uh deep sleep Ram uh Lightweight like or awake You can see that all how much time you Have passed in all of those uh Part uh if you go on the app you can Also see your sleep score for Uh the weeks The month the year you can always track That in formation Uh you've got an oxymeter so This one will show you Your blood oxygen you've got your Calendar notification Uh music control oh music control that's Such a great feature

Uh one of the widget that i love the Most of course you can have access it Through widget but actually you don't Really need it over here because Anywhere you are inside the watch you Can be into an activity or not you can Press and hold the down button just Right here And you have access to actually there's No music on my phone so I'm not seeing anything but usually you Would see the title of the track and the Artist and those things so let's say for Example that i'm on my bike and i stop At a red light My pla my music is playing on my phone On speaker and i don't want to disturb All Of the people around uh instead of Taking my phone uh and putting on pause With all my sweat fingers What i will do is just press that button Right here and press pause just right There actually it's play because there Is nothing playing And it's not playing because i didn't Select any music on my phone but that's The way it works like Well actually it did start music So okay pause So yeah that's that's what i would do uh You can also skip to the next song Pause thank you and you can also if you Would like it's not something oops sorry

It's not something that i suggest but You can also put music straight into The watch You can put mp trees or you can You can sync it with your spotify teaser Amazon music and few other less known Services So if i come into the menu here oh well Actually yes i can skip i can also uh as You s as you have seen you can control The volume Of your phone very well done again Uh if you press and hold that button Here you can choose your music provider So uh you've got actually i had my my Music i did put two songs into it just To test it And it works very well Um but you can also have access to Spotify and those things so you can Download music into your watch to listen To it over your bluetooth headphone but The reason why i'm not recommending it It's because it will drain the battery Like crazy we will see that a bit later But what a wonderful feature to control The music of your phone from the watch Okay now let's talk about The battery life that's the point we are Uh i'll put that note sorry it's in French But it's fairly easy to understand Uh so we have the same score for the Phoenix and the tactics so that part of

The review is different Uh so what do we have uh that is Estimation from uh garmin and they are Pretty accurate so if you use those Watch into Um Into smartwatch mode uh so no gps uh This means you will track your sleep Track your earth rate your steps uh time Altitude and those things You will have 27 days of battery if you Use the tactile screen we will come back To the tactile screen later or 28 if you Disable a tactile Uh into gps mode it's 66 hours of Battery that you have on all of those Two watches and if you use a flashlight In the strongest mode you have five Hours of battery so yes the flashlight The flashlight does drain the battery a Lot so five hours uh to seven days into The less slow in light mode and if you Use the color so Green or red it's 24 hours Of battery that you have If you use the gps plus the music it's 17 hours of music of battery that you Will have and if you use everything so This means gps music plus the flashlight At maximum brightness you will have four Hours that's the same thing for those to Watch what it gives in real life is just Right here so in real life you've got 70 I did

That's a test i had with the Garmin tactics it was similar with the Phoenix So i did 17 Days With the same charge and no i didn't go Outside a day very much so the solar Panel is not that much involved into That time so 17 days In which i did 26 hours and 14 minutes Of activities of which 24 hours and 58 Minutes was from the gps and one hours And 16 minutes was from hearth rate Share because i was using Uh i was doing a Stationary bike Zwifting And over that Over that there is about 30 minutes of Flashlight So that's Insane Insane Now if we pass to The garmin pegs there's two different Mode There's the the always on display and The movement display so there's a mode Where your display will remain always on Uh it's up to you to know if you want to Use it it might be uh nd if you are Working at your desk and The watch is just sitting right there And sometime you just take a look at

Your wrist you see the time And you don't want to move your wrist so That my endy otherwise if you go into Movement mode you will need to You see do that movement to wake it up So if you keep it in always on display You're gonna have about six days of Battery In smartwatch mode and if you put it Into movement mode you will have 16 days Of battery with a full battery you've Got 24 hours of gps Or 12 hours of music or 9 hours of gps Plus music And what it done in real life is that When i did set it on always on i really Did have six days of battery even if i Use the gps for 10 hours and four Minutes so Well i was worried that i i would not Like that Watch because of its screen because it Does drain a lot more of battery but Still in always on display six days with 10 hours of gps that's mind-blowing With the movement mode i did get 12 days And a half Of charge using 17 hours and 45 minutes Of gps plus 3 hours and 45 minutes of Zwift where i was sharing my hearth rate To The zwift app so still Very very good charge It's not a watch that you will recharge

Every day for sure Very very well done even if you do a lot Of activity you don't really have to Worry about The battery life of course it's way Behind Uh the phoenix and the tactics uh But still There's not much watch that does Uh This uh this kind of charge with a Single battery the next point is about The Temperature recommendation from garmin So you can use That watch between -20 all of those Three watches the same uh weather Recommendation so it's between minus 20 And plus 45 celsius and if you are into Fahrenheit it's from -4 to 113. Same thing for both Three of them okay the next point is a Point in which we will talk about Difference and it's about the screen Brightness and elizability Okay So Those two watch does have the very same Screen it's a mip screen so memory in Pixel And this one is in the mullet screen and That's why it is so much different so The way it works is that when you have a Mip screen

The watch Needs to drain a bit of energy to change The pixel status and once that job is Done it doesn't need more battery To Broadcast something it's just fixed like That and it doesn't consume Nothing it's just Like that okay Then You've got the amoled screen oh and and Because this doesn't produce light if You want to see something into the dark You need A backlight just like this to produce Light too so so you're able to see What's on the screen because no light You don't see nothing And the mullet screen doesn't have Backlight in fact every pixel produce Its own light So every time you have a pixel enabled Well it does drain a bit of battery and That's why you can see actually if i Turn it on so actually it may it's made To be beautiful to watch because Well i just press something so it makes Itself the most beautiful so we can see It but if when it falls into sleep mode You will see the the the 15 just right Here the time will get itself empty just Like that because Actually it is draining battery to Produce that

Screen because if you see something the Battery is actually Draining so It turns some pixel off to remain on uh For a bigger period of time so it's very Very well think Uh another thing i would have thought it Could be uh negative on that watch it's Because it's produced light To broadcast an image How will it be to sleep with it Well in fact when you go sleep with it You can schedule your Night mode Where's my night mode Sleep boat right here sleep mode that's What you will see at night so less Information So just time And uh What is it date Oh and my uh Alarm and in into sleep mode uh the Screen will not turn on When You do move the watch as you can see What you can do to turn on is either Press a button or just tap on the screen So if you tap on the screen you got your Time and it will turn off And it's very very dim so It won't work up woke up your uh Partner in bed So it's just for yourself it's not too

Bright it's very very well done And i can disable it just right here and Uh it can go on on schedule so if you Said between this time and this time go Go into sleep mode that's what it will Done so it's very very well thought Speaking about sleep mode all of those Three watch is very very well think So you can sleep with the watch and i Think it's very important because all of Those smart watches today Uh can Track your sleep so you have to wear it When you sleep and most of the watches i Tested Uh was not well thought to not wake you Up while you were wearing it so you can Have notification you can Move your wrist and it produces a light And your wrist is just beside your eyes So you wake up because there's a light That turned on in front of your eyes It's not really well thought but in in The case of those three watches they are Really really well thought to not wake You up Uh and if there's something that wake You up you will be able to modify that Option so it won't happen again Very very well done now let's talk about Notification and reply Uh on all of those three watch if Someone send you a message so it can be A text message something over miss

Hinger Uh you can have notification of about Any uh application any any deficit Notification you have on your phone you Can have it just right here over that When you receive that notification You'll be able to read it and if you Press the start stop button into that Notification you will have the ability To reply you will not be able to pop up A Keyboard and type reply but you will be Able to Send a pre Pre-built reply that's it otherwise you Have to take your phone Uh if you for example have a headset and Want to Answer a call or decline it you can also Do that from The watch very well done but uh that's Pretty much it I know there are some watches that can Do a lot more Those three watch are watch build for Sport activity not It's a smart watch but it's not a Super smart watch so Yes you have connection with your phone But it is it is limited to that they are Sport gps watches the next point is About watch control and Again it's the same thing so i will keep Going on

With This one because it's more beautiful Uh i love the weights built I love the fact that it have five Buttons uh because when you have it on Your wrist you can control it with your Thumbs to go up and down it's very easy To navigate when you want to input into Something you press the start button and You can go back here with the back Button so with those three fingers you Can do up down Uh or three two two fingers or whatever You want uh it's very Very easy to control i love it um i was Worried about the touchscreen because i Hate Touchscreen i really hate them But actually it goes so well on that Watch most of the watch i did test it Was a nightmare the touchscreen never Goes well but here it's just perfect you See It's scrolling just perfectly i can go Into that Well actually there's nothing there but I can go into that and go into swipe Uh i surprised myself at the beginning To use it and i was kind of surprised Because i normally ate Touchscreen but it goes so well You see i can Just See i just go fast and and it's

Scrolling and i can stop it it's just Follow my finger So So well And it even gives You don't have to use it if you don't if You just want to use the buttons you can Do it and i even create myself a Shortcut usually you have to come into That menu and go here untouched to put It on and off but what i did is i create Myself a shortcut if i really want to Disable it Pressing all those two button and the Touchscreen is off uh i did realize when I do take my shower with it that it Detects that it is Water dropping on it and most of the Time Uh it disables the touchscreen Automatically so you if you're under the Shower It won't do crazy stuff on there it will Realize well there's a problem that's Actually water so I will stop my touchscreen until the Water is gone Very well done So if i want to re-enable it i will Press those two button And [Music] They even get some stuff uh Better

With the touchscreen the watch is think To be used without the touchscreen but If you want to use it you can have Shortcut Uh for example uh actually it is 13 Degrees outside that is an information That is broadcast to me Thanks to that weather app So if i want to see more information About the weather instead of going down And select it What i can do is simply press and hold Now 13 and this will bring me up to that That beautiful screen Inside the weather Another example if i want to see my step Craft of the day Instead of going down down down down Down down down and select It's the same principle i can simply Press and hold the step Actually i didn't press it well Right there Got it usually it works Come on just because i'm on camera Battery actually battery oh yeah battery Option didn't thought to that Altitude Right in go back Steps All right you got it Sunset sunrise got it See very very well done Actually very satisfied of the watch

Screen I hate watch screen but since i use that One well i don't i want to have a touch Screen on my watch if it is well made as It is on the phoenix series now let's Talk about trust Do i trust those Watches and in fact it's the watch that I trust the most Uh they never failed me uh in fact well If we took my good old tactics delta it Did fail me on during an activity Because i was abusing it uh i was Creating some gps itinerary we'll see That a bit later Long itinerary did change my mind a lot Of time in very few minutes And it did crash so i was worried i had Lost my Activity but when it restart it offered Me to Restart my activity so there's a fail Safe Very very satisfied with that Um Those two watch did crash few times in The last weeks after an update i think It will be solved with the last one that Have just been installed Probably because it was very fine at the Beginning i'm pretty sure it's in update Things Otherwise it just go very very well and They did crash outside an activity i

Think it was just after saving an Activity or before starting it kind of Weird Uh but still they never failed me into An activity that's they are the watch That i use the most because they are the One that i like the most when i'm not Testing a watch i'm using those watch And actually Because of the flashlight Uh when I'm testing another watch i always keep One of those two on my wrist just to Have the flashlight because it's just so And full Uh Anyway uh about crashing uh Well I i think i could just not have spoke About it because They're not crashing devices but They did They did but still my confidence in it Is very very high uh just because you Know when you are using it Uh actually it's disabled with whatever Uh Touchscreen on you see it it just goes So well you don't feel any lag The watch doesn't seems to be Uh About to crash everything is fluid just Because of that i can trust that the Device is not

Overloaded Uh everything goes well never crash Almost never crashed And yeah for this i have a lot A lot of trust into the device and That's something important because i Don't want to lose my activity or if i'm Lost inside the woods i don't want my Navigation device to crash and lost My Uh previous hours uh itinerary so i can Come back on my feet So that's kind of very important uh and Well they are the device that i trust The most And about trust into precision like i Told you a bit earlier gps gps and earth Rate uh Data seems very accurate to me so i do Trust Those device A lot The next point is about water rating a Water resistance rating is it says like Well it's it's kind of hard to see here But it says when It's under The band it says 100 meter here will be Easier to See it on that one it is Right there 100 meters uh so it's a 1080m grade for all of those three watch Which mean well you can dive uh up to 100 meter deep

Uh You can you don't have to care about Washing your hand taking your shower Jumping into the water swimming And even jet ski if you would like There's no problem you will not have Water inside your watch into any of Those activity unless you go under 100 Meter Deep So just don't do that and you'll be fine About water even a hot shower you're Totally fine okay now let's talk about One of my favorite things The mapping the mapping is unbelievable So let's say that we go Let's go into map Simply you can find the map inside every Activity but just let's go into apps so Already find me on the gps so there's Where i am Actually if i press here you see i can Move it otherwise you may need to press And hold the left button but actually That's because i'm on map But if you press the left button you Will have access to pan and zoom and From there you will be able to zoom you Can also use the button you see plus and Less you can select here it's very very Well done but you can navigate anywhere Inside the world if you have loaded the Map Uh it will come with the map of your

Continent so actually as you can see i'm In north america and Well right here i can zoom select Somewhere i want to go and let's say for Example that i want to go there let's Say in montreal i select it and i can Zoom precisely to the street corner Where i want to go and select go Uh by bike So it will find me a bike itinerary it's Not that close montreal from here it's About 90 kilometers Uh so it will create me an itinerary and Right there i will be able to Uh navigate Uh with it it will tell me when to turn Right when to turn left and when to keep Going on it's still calculating because It's not that close but it does a very Great job Of doing this i will not wait on that One i will do a tutorial video in which We you will be able to see a bit more But another great option we have is Let's say for example i'm running Somewhere i don't know and i want to do A 10k what i will do is a round trip Course And select the distance that i want to Make so let's say 10k Select it and it will you can select the Direction you want to go so if for Example you want to go uh east because

You know there's uh I don't know the beach or The shore whatever you want to go round Over there you can go east Or just let's say right here in any Direction it will create you three Itinerary in which you will have the Option to uh Choose which one you want to do They do it quite quickly Actually Actually i would say it taking a little Bit longer than usual i don't know why Right there i have my first itinerary 11.6 kilometers With uh it says 31 uh meters of climb I've got another option right here 9.3 Kilometers with 51 meters of climb and That last one at 10.6 so if i want to do That one i can do go And uh i will be able to follow that one Pad and zoom like i told you and i can Like that follow that itinerary very Very well done i love the mapping uh it Will So yes you can navigate uh you can Select where you want to go on the map Also oh Let's come back here on the map So if i come here And say Say around me We'll let it load I can select the direction in which i

Want to And Choose what i want to have actually it's A bit different when i'm into mapping When i'm into let's say Walk mode Walk mode if i go down to Map press and hold here Go on Oh it's not around me I was wrong it's uh Let's restart that Oops Save location Navigation Point of interest and from here i can Search for a city food drinks fuel Service lodging Attraction Let's say that i'm looking for A hospital Hospital i need a hospital around me so I will see that the nearest is At 2.7 kilometers from here At northeast and i can select it and go And it will create me an itinerary so i Can go There that's a notification that come in Uh let's disable that one ah i did go Out of the activity but anyway uh the Itinerary was uh created and i was able To Uh follow the trail on The watch so mapping if you're looking

For a great watch for mapping You won't find any better watch on the Market oh even better Because mapping is not new to garmin Watches but there's something that is New and is that if you come into the map Manager You can update And download More maps of other continents for free So actually i'm in north america and Let's say i go in japan australia Uh africa europe i can download the Continent just from here so i would need To go Into here topoactive maps Go on add map and actually it will Connect to the wi-fi and i will be able To select the map that i want to Download actually i'm not sure if i was Connected on my wi-fi here but if i'm Not i could simply Go there And go Down to Connectivity Wi-fi and then select it and then There's that guy that is still Sending me messages and Yeah so i i'm able to Uh Sync why uh sync to wi-fi or my network So i would be able to select another Network and connect to it straight from

The watch straight from the watch you Can do all of that Uh the next point i can't believe i put It on my list but it's about starring There's something very great you can do If you don't want to use the watch for An extended period of time is to turn Off the watch so if i come just right Here i can say power off and Power off yes and just leave it there And the battery will not Get empty over time I have to say it because it's an option That is not available at Sunjo And some other watches so yeah it's Available on two Garmin watches after that you just have To press and hold the Top left button and wait for the watch To restart and that's pretty much it Now let's talk about the Screen size over the watch size Um I think it's great For most phoenix watches but they could Be better On some model we have to look over History to Understand what happened If you look the old model that's the Tactics delta you see that little ring All around was the solar panel On the newer model uh let's say let's

Take the tactics you see that the ring Is way Bigger So what did what they did is that they Keep the same Screen size and they cut into the bezel To bring That Bigger Sun panel uh And Because of that Uh what happened You can see it on the epics which is Kind of stupid because Uh Because there is No epics with uh A solar panel But you can see that there's that huge Bezel around i mean it's not that huge There's There's a lot worse into the market uh But Garmin was doing better uh before so They could have put a bigger screen here Instead of having that uh chuck all Around but seriously [Laughter] It's very good it's very good it's just Because garmin did better By the past And the reason is It's just they built

All of their watch to get that solar Panel Even if they're not so it's just because They have the same bezel Of the phoenix 6 series On the epics so Yeah that's that's what it's create but Well anyway it's not this bad Uh still we have a big percentage of the Watch space that is used by the screen So so just keep in mind that if you buy A garmin fenix With no solar panel You have this lost space that is used For nothing so you better take it Now let's talk about wave and comfort Um Well Wait It's not light The watch has been made to be Durable Not light so yes they are heavy Especially if you take that one With uh with that metal uh titanium band Uh very very heavy uh if we go over the Ladder it's Less heavy but still it's not light Watch if you take the silicon one well That one is kinda Kinda Light but The watch itself is not light uh it will Create a big difference between those

Two watch this one with the nylon bend Uh the ultra fit one is very light Compared to that one with the um With The uh Titanium bend uh but anyway uh They are comfortable to me i like to Have heavy watch that's a personal thing Uh if you don't have if you don't like To have Heavy things on your wrist maybe it's Not for you or maybe you can go with the Smaller model the if you go with the Phoenix s phoenix 7s That would be Probably great for you but still there Is even lighter Watches so If you want something light Might not be for you but ah they are so Awesome Another thing Did i talk about the balance earlier i Think i yes i did talk about the balance Earlier Uh the fact that to have the the weight Of The titanium band under Uh The watch make it more balanced Now let's talk about language available Inside the watch and there's a Lot of them So

If i come here inside the menu into System and language as you can see There's a lot of language so Well See if you can find your language just Over here That's all the language that are Available Inside The watch A lot of language A lot of them Alright Next point is about the quantity of Information you can have on the same Activity page and that's a lot uh So but it may vary from a watch to Another but for all of those three Because they are this is the x model Because this is the tactics and this is Because this is the apex even if it's Not the same Size They can all have up to eight Information On the same page so if i take that one For example as you can see uh i will Need to start that activity but as you Can see In a few seconds Well on top i have my earth rate Elevation time of the day distance Average speed to lessons Total calories and time of the day uh no

That's the Oh Sunset time Uh so yes one two three four five six Seven eight information and that's a Live track we'll come back to that later Still eight that's a lap let's stop that And discard it Eight information on the same screen is A lot I'm not sure if you have Maybe if someone have it you can tell me In the comment if you have the phoenix 6 Regular model do you have 8 information Or less and i'm pretty sure if you have The s model because the screen is way Smaller You will have up to 6 information i Would say But that's only a guess but uh yes you Can Not point of interest Walk setting Data screen you can choose how much Layout information you have you want big Information Uh two three Four Different type of display it's up to you To choose what you want to have you can Change the data inside you can add uh That's the map but you can also have a Ghost If you want to run

Against one of your previous activity Average speed You can do it Here you can add custom data hr gauge Virtual partner so if you want to i Don't know run um 10k at an average of Uh five uh you can set your virtual Power partner to run at a pace of five Kilometers per uh five uh minutes per Kilometer and uh See where you are against it Uh you got your compass elevation uh Music control clock um it's up to you You choose what you want to have You can have a lot of things On the same page and that's something That i love Because when you are into an activity You don't necessarily want to press a Button To see The information you want i have to have I like to have my eight information on The same screen and another very good Thing uh let's see on bicycle i didn't Set it up on that watch But uh if i come into the menu just Right here there's an option that is Called i will need to go into bike Settings and there is Uh that auto climb you see actually it's Off but you can set yourself a page to Got information when you want to go at

Full speed you're on the flat and when You've and when you go inside So i set it to When not navigating always or off so Let's say when not navigating So this mean it will not be able it will Not be enabled if you are on Navigation mode so on to the map but if You are into your run screen you're Gonna have this current screen and you Can set yourself a climb screen So uh you choose you create a screen Actually there is no screen create for That but i would just have to create Another screen And It would switch To that screen when i'm climbing you can Invert color if you want at a vertical Speed of 600 meter per hour but i can Change that to Something less or something more That's really up to you and switch mode If you wanted to switch fast or slow Again that's up To you Very Very great option that i love so just Like that when i'm Driving at full speed i want to have Less information i want to have my Hearth rate speed and distance that's The most important And when i'm hiking uh i want to have

Uh my vertical speed i want to have uh The hill grade i want to have my total Accent and decent i want to have those Kind of information so i will make it Switch automatically to another page so I can see the information that i want Without touching a single button Now And yes again it's the same thing on Those three watches that's why i'm Creating only one video The next one is The wake up the alarm so if we go into Clock and alarm as you can see as you Can see actually there is one alarm that Is enabled for tomorrow at 8 30 but i Can modify it with the pen just right Here and i can set it to an or off i can Select the time that i want i can repeat It or not so if i set it to repeat daily Weekly weekend or custom i can have it Only on wednesday and tuesday maybe or Wednesday and saturday it's really up to You And one thing that i love is that you Have the Ability to choose between Tone and vibe Vibration And tone only Vibration is great because if you are Maybe in a dorm you don't want to wake Up everybody with your alarm well you Just set it to vibration and you are the

Only one that will notice about it Because it will vibrate on your wrist And let's disable that one Alright okay now let's talk a little bit About the Tactics because there is some things Different on that one and The only difference except the look Of those two watches Is the fact that it's a watch that is Built with military options One of them is the Um Right night vision night vision will Disable Backlight Will disable uh hearth rate I guess Yes we'll disable earth rate uh and Antennas and uh Uh Not antennas no just everything that Produce uh Light So that's the night mode and it's made So if you look at with your Naked eyes you will be able to see Something but you will have to Concentrate on it but it will not Produce light the idea of it is that uh It's it's made to be used with night Vision uh google So that's the option but i never try it I'm not a military

You also got stealth mode This one will disable again i think no It's not disabling the earth rate Visibly But it will disable All the antenna you have on the Of the watch so you You'll be the most stealth possible It will disable some some of those Things and when you are navigating Uh You it your your position will not be Record on the map So Well it won't be required on the map That's it So if you get coughed by the enemy your Position will not be inside the watch So you can enable and disable it and the Other option you have Is that when you press those two button You got the kill switch so if you get Caught by the enemy you just press those Two button and it will erase everything Inside your watch if you don't press any Other button Before the end of that that countdown Just press those two button and wait for 10 seconds and that's it Another thing you will have is Right here Uh fish fish i think it was available Into the other one but you got fly Fly uh that one

I'm not a pilot but uh here's the option You have Inside uh fly I think you have airport and those kind Of things but nine I don't know how to use that so Uh i will not talk about it but that's An option that you have The next point is how the watch will Motivate you to move um It kind of do a bit uh But not that much uh so if we come here And go down maybe to uh your step Monitor Maybe it will motivate you to reach your Goal of the day but you will not have Will you Actually in the mode i am there is Nothing that reminds me to complete my Uh my step of the day and those things But maybe you can enable it tell me if I'm wrong but i think I think uh there's no way to do it Um I'm pretty sure there's no way to do it And and that's something i love anyway i I don't want my watch to tell me every Uh hours hey you should uh do some steps Uh sitting all day is not good for your Health blah blah blah I move a lot i don't need A watch to tell me to do that However i did test by the past a polar Watch of the polar cortex pro and that

One put me an inactivity stamp every Time i was not moving for an hour And that did successfully make me move Because there was that permission at the End So well You don't have that on garment like it Or not that's the way it is now let's Talk about the altimeter and it's very Good because it's a multimeter power Meter so Some watch will only Tell you your altitude based on the gps Triangulation This one is a mix those for those three One it's a mix of Your actual uh gps position plus the Atmospherical pressure of course Sometimes you will need to recalibrate It so if i come here you see on the Tactics actually Options not there Let's go here abc It is a bit off Uh those two one is good it's just Because i need to recalibrate it or Maybe because i never calibrate it You set it and usually It's very fine for A Very long time but when you see it's off Just like that You press and hold the left button you Go into abc option

Altimeter you calibrate it you use dm You go outside you wait for One minute and it's done It's as simple as that and Nope I got a call i have to take it and we Are back sorry for that interruption so Yes the ultimate barometer works very Well And uh what i did find is that when i do Those big activities so let's say i'm Going out for A big hike or a big cycling tour and i Hand Back at the same starting point Uh i always have the same uh me uh Meters climb and down Uh or almost let's say that i will have A maximum of five meters in difference On maybe 300 or 500 meters so that's Pretty good if you use some other watch That is very good that most of the time It's the very same number So Very very good Now let's talk about The price and i will not say any price i Will let you go down in the description You will find links Which we which you will be able to use To shop the product i i don't tell price Because it does change from a country to Another it does change over time It does change all the time so i don't

Want to put price into my video and Moreover if you use those links in the Description To buy the watch uh i thank you in Advance because i do a commission out of It so Thank you if you're buying through there It helps me to buy some other watches to Make some great video like the one you Are watching right now so Speaking of the price um Actually if you take a garmin fenix 7x Sapphire Sapphire crystal screen and a solar Panel it's the same price as The apex and they are two very great Choice uh you will have some Difference of course This one will have a bigger battery We'll have The flashlight Uh will have a bigger screen And well that's pretty much that's it The positive point of that one is the Quality of the screen which is so Beautiful Beautiful The beautifulness of the screen worth as Much i would say has the screen size the Battery life and the flashlight I think They they're worth the same thing it's Really up to you do you prefer to have A

More beautiful screen or a bigger Flashlight And battery It's Really up to you It's the same price And on the other hand you have Those to watch i think it's worse to Compare those two and those two Um on the other hand those two um You will pay a lot more money to get the Tactics And you won't have much more Of course you will have that Island ben but you can Buy That nylon ben sold separately if you Want to have this one or you can choose To have another one if you don't want to Have the base model This one Yeah so You won't have much more unless you are Military those feature You might want to have it but you won't Have much more Personally i prefer the look of the Tactics i think it i think it's look it Looked better both Both look great The buttons are also better But both look great they are just Different so that's really up to you If you think the tactics look better and

You're not a military Uh it's really up to you to Say yourself is it worth it to put more Money to have The watch that i think look the best It's really really up to you But It's the same watch it does the same Thing except for the military option the Next point is about how easy it is to Use the watch I would say it would depend of the kind Of user if you're not used to Use electronical device You may have a hard time to use it Because there is a lot of option there Is a lot of menu there is a lot of sub Menu and sub sub menu and sub sub sub Sub menu there is a lot of option Everywhere you are You have option If i'm If i'm here pressing an old menu button I have access to the watch face option If i'm here pressing the back button I've got to reorder glance and those Things but if i go inside My sleep track and go inside the menu I've got other menu for alarms and those Things there is menus everywhere And if you are worried about this well Just don't worry you don't Need to use those menu you can simply Use the watch as it

As it's built And it works very well i read often that Some people don't buy that watch because They won't use more than ten percent of It and in fact you will probably not use More five percent of what it's able to Do it's able to do a lot of things But why do you worry about that you Don't need to worry about something that You will not use you better have Something that you won't use in a watch That Not having something that you need This watch just do everything everything A watch Everything you want a gps watch to do Those watch just do it So for me it's a no-brainer you take That watch it but Not not everybody is Is the same for me it's a no-brainer i Take that one it just does everything i Use a lot of options because i did Navigate inside those menu to learn it Uh by hearth Uh to do those tutorial that i'm doing By the way uh this is a review video It's not a tutorial video uh it's not Yet record but uh you can go into the Playlist just right here there is a lot Of uh Tutorial about phoenix watches and i Will do a full uh tutorial about Those watches

Um so yes there's a lot of things you Can do and Don't worry about that you just don't Need to use it if you worry about that Simply use it you press the start button You select your activity and you start It at the end you stop it and And that's it that's it and you have Your watch you have those information It's not complicated to use But if you want to dive deeply inside Every option you can personalize This watch like crazy Now let's talk about connection you have A wi-fi antenna you have a bluetooth Antenna and you have amt plus antenna So the wi-fi is used to download your Music download your map is made to sync Your watch to garmin connect Bluetooth is also made to sync with Garmin connect but over your phone it's Also used to connect Other wireless device such as hr belt Earth rate belt if you don't want to use The hearthrate at the back you can use a Belt Um You can also Sync some other things if you want to Connect to a zwift application and those Kind of things you can do that over Bluetooth and you have some other older Device that still use ant plus well it's Available right here another thing that

I love about that watch is the usb Connection because every Garmin watch use the very same usb Connection at the back and it's very Well done because it's that simple cable You don't need to Think about The size The side you will connect it you just Connect it it clip inside and it's very Solid you can shake it like crazy and it Never felt it's just Sticking to there and it's very good so So yeah that's the usb connection that i Love it's a simple cable there you don't Have a huge Chuck chunk chunky uh Uh something it's just simple it's Connected inside it and That's it Now let's talk about synchronization Is done very fast At the end of my activity usually i wait Between 10 and 15 seconds and it's Synced online i don't have to do Anything once i stop my activity it just Sync to my Phone on the garmin connect app and That's it Otherwise i could go right here Inside If i don't have a phone i can go inside Connectivity wi-fi And it's right there wi-fi sync and it

Will sync my activity so i can go see it On internet on garmin connect web page Or on strava if i'm connected to it Or you can also use the cable if you Would like To connect it to garmin express on your Computer to sync it again with garmin Connect you have three options but the One that most people will use over Bluetooth through your phone It just works so fast you don't have to Think about that it's already sync when You're done when you're done with the Activity earlier we have seen the option Live track uh live track is an option i Told you that i will come back on this Live track is an option that when i do Start an activity it's simply share my Location to a list of contact Uh so if something happened to me or if I want somebody to know where i am Or if i do something public and i want People to know where i am well that's Available if someone of your family is Out for a ride and you want to know when He will come back uh well you can know Where he is Or where she is and Well you can Prepare the dinner and whatever use it As you want but that's a very great Option actually i just start my activity And my list of contact that i want them To know receive an email to say hey i'm

On the right and click on the following Link and This is where i am of course for this to Work you need to have your phone and Garmin connect with you with an internet Connection it doesn't Take a lot of data very very few data And yeah it works very well oh another Thing that is very well done is the Training uh the strength exercise so Let's say that i take uh this one for Example you have a lot of uh training That you can follow you can go on garmin Connect and select the special training You can create yourself a training you Can manually create them and let's say i Want to do the workout Well Let's start you can come here and we Should have Right there i think an animation of what I have to do Shall we Oh yeah i need to start alright And Right there i have my animation Look good So instead of just having a name if you You're not familiar with that You got an animation You also got It on the phoenix model So if i come here And

Oops Strength I'll do the same thing maximize upper Body Start the activity I should have The animation Right there Just look good on both of them maybe a Little bit better on the on the epex Because it have a better screen But still it looks very good So you know how to do That activity very very well done So i will stop that workout on both of Them And just discard it So you will have some surprise here and There in view application uh this one is In workout is very well Made uh i know there is also one into Golf and on which you will be able to See your golf course uh what par it is And very very well done again you may Find some surprise in Uh some activity just like that now Let's talk about the app The app is this one Uh that's the one we have on the phone But you can also find an equivalent on Uh the um The web page and you've got your Verb You've got your day just right here uh

Average hearth rate Uh rest earth rate max earth rate Uh calories burn those kind of things The last activity you done yesterday Your uh past uh weeks or those kind of Things you have access to a calendar Uh you got access to your performance Stats view to max those kind of things You can create itinerary uh So if you want to go somewhere you can Create an itinerary inside here and Follow it on your watch You have Oh you have also i i forget to I forget to talk about it while i was Speaking of the map but you also have The garmin xplore app that you can use Oh let's do this let's do this if i go Into sport And Garmin explorer just right here And i want to go there So i will Want to say go With my garmin it picks that's the one That seems to be connected right now Navigation well actually this Navigation to select location Again Go garmin effects Oh yeah okay so yes it did send it here And now i need to say how i want to go There so i will say by running And then it will create me an itinerary

Just like that Eventually Like that Calculating And now do i see Yeah you see there's the blue Line just right there Sorry That i need to follow to reach my point Very well done again Okay so let's come back to That garmin Connect app Uh you got option for safety and Tracking if you want to Set people that may receive email or Text message if you have a accident it Will detect it if you have an accident Uh you have a lot of options inside here I won't go Everywhere inside that because The video will last a day Uh but you have all those options from Here on the phone app and you got it Also on The web page that's really up to you The next point is about customer service And that's a thing that garmin Should improve I did talk with uh many Um Customer service of watch brand recently And I would say

It's the worst um It's not this bad but the answer was Really slow and Not so satisfying I have to recall and It was not the best really really not The best Uh but it's not terrible they're just The less good So there we are final thoughts um Which one is the right for you uh i Think it's a personal choice i can't Tell it to you Uh you have to based on what i've tell You in the last minutes or hour To to make your choice i think they are All Great Watch Anyone you take here is a good choice They are the same watch except that this One have a beautiful screen and those One Have a bigger screen with a flashlight And a bigger battery it's really really Up to you But Yes it's a hard choice between the Flashlight the battery life and the Screen size against that beautiful Display i thought i would Hate That display and i love it every time i Use it and i come back to one of those

Watch I hate the screen of those one but after Some time you get used to it you still See it very well Uh but Not as this not as much as this one but When i come back to this one i miss the Flashlight So Battery life is important but still it Have a great battery life but it's not Comparable to those one Um Yeah so yes in server survival mode Those Two watch are better But in everyday usage well that one is Mind-blowing seriously the screen of This one this watch Is Amazing So yeah final word they are three Watched that i do recommend and you Can't go wrong with any of them So well two as you wish sorry Uh but well my The watch that i will keep using uh as a Personal watch is uh the garmin tactics Just because of its size The battery life and of course the Flashlight that's the reason why i'm Using that one over that one but it's a Close one It's a very very close one and again

Finally if you want to buy one of those Watch please use my link in the Description As i will do a commission out of it and That do really helped me to continue Doing those video and buy other watch to Review So this is it thank you for watching i Hope you enjoy and if you need help to Find this product online please see my Links in the description and finally Don't forget to smash that like button And subscribe to my channel so you can Find me back easily next time you're Looking for a great review video See ya

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