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Off-Grid Van Camping! | Solostove Portable fire pit

Off-Grid Van Camping! | Solostove Portable fire pit

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This is fine everything's fine what's Going on everyone back with another Episode of stuff and things look who's Here hi guys what are we doing we're Going camping where to the Ranger II not Exactly the pond Yeah it's a pretty nifty backpack you Got there baby Yoda we got you that so We decided to do this sort of last Minute because it's super nice out today So we like very quickly loaded up the Van we're gonna go hit the grocery store Pick up a few things for food tonight And maybe tomorrow morning and what else Do we need to do beer here yeah all Right we're running in to the grocery Store to pick up a few things By the way shout out to multicam and Tray backs for sponsoring the staff van We'll get around to that Forty-nine State Road Trip eventually How fast do you think we can do this 30 Seconds not even 30 seconds ready go So done check skinny bah Stop smashing the skinny palm kick okay I think that was less than 30 seconds Free game quick pretty damn quick Alright so we're gonna be taking the van Up to that place and I showed you guys a Week or two ago couple mine island land There's a pond previously we couldn't Get down to it because the trail was a Little overgrown to me it's like 10-feet Tall so I brought a secret weapon to cut

Some of that stuff down and I'll meet You and you're gonna go down you're Gonna climb the ladder and I'm gonna Slowly back down the trail and you're Gonna clip all the branches and then we Need to collect it for firewood because I got a new camping gear thing that We're I think is gonna be cool we'll talk to You guys we need to know [Music] When I brought the van up here the other Week I didn't realize how close this Tree right here was I'm gonna have to Cut that one already look at that other Got clothes in it Oh I see it this is fine everything's Fine It's this is already like more grown in Than it was when I was over here it's Springtime it's crazy how fast they grow Though cuz I didn't have a problem Making it out here before they're taking Their backs in if it rains tonight well First of all if we get down to the pond It's gonna be a process and if it rains That we have to come up from the pond It's gonna be even more processed Tomorrow morning here we are Yeah let's get out and assess the Situation real good at driving this Thing I would have been off road already Yeah I have a lot of miles on it These are the secret weapon they leap in

Well we're gonna have to [Music] [Music] Go to your you got to go that way like You're close to trees on that side treat Treat treat all right we finally made it If I said that was easy I'd be lying and this is our little camp Setup for now thanks for clearing out The branches that was fun right what do You got there is whiskey in the fridge The pregame yeah so I've added one new Like little piece of gear to the van Here and this is a solo stove Ranger I Saw my friend Chad from living the van Life I'm sure a lot of you guys may know Him because we filmed some stuff Together last February Out in Bellingham Washington I've seen Him cook on this thing and he carries it Around in his van and I was like man That's a good idea so basically it's a Super efficient way to burn stuff like You find on trails all of the sticks and Branches and stuff that we cut down we Could use all that stuff there is still A ton of dead branches and sticks and Twigs all around here so we're gonna Fire this thing up a little bit later Tonight and we're probably not going to Cook on it Oh it can make s'mores with it that's True I don't know how well this thing is Going to work but it seems like the

Design is really good it sucks in air at The bottom here through these holes and Then the hot air travels up the sides it Can sort of reignite the hot air right Here makes a more efficient burn and Then everything here should burn down to Ashes which you just dump out in the Morning So it basically leaves no trace pretty Cool right Joe They're not a sponsor by the way You actually just call me yesterday all Right it's so I'm not gonna be dark for At least like another hour maybe even Two hours but we're gonna fire this Thing up because I'm impatient and I Want to see how it works so they say to Not stack the wound above holes inside Or the ring this is supposed to be low Smoke to because of the reburn the hot Air coming up it's supposed to be less Moved cuz it's on fire shut the front Door Who woulda thunk that's wild fire is Warm gonna attend recommend not yeah too Soon too soon to tell I was really nervous you're gonna lean Over on that hand I can go flying all Right we got the fire going we have Proper drinks now we're gonna cook Dinner in the van and everytime I make Food in here someone requests like a Cooking show type of thing oh you're Gonna do it now great here's cookie with

Ashley there you go you can start a Channel cooking with Ashley perfect Except I can't cook So Ashley and I have done this before Obviously we've done a few different Trips where we actually cooked where Were we we were cherry Springs State Park I don't know but if you guys watch The playlist up in the corner you can Find a bunch of different vanad ventures And I'm not gonna lie this is not like An easy place to cook especially with Two people in here by myself It's completely easy I just kind of Throw things everywhere and it remains Organized for myself but with two of us You just kinda have to let the other Person do their thing or if you're the One cooking then the other person should You stay out of your way so on the menu Tonight we got chicken Grilled we got mac and cheese what do we Got a Caesar salad tre backs knife you Trust me with this thing yeah I love That knife but you can use it it's good For food prep so I have my tray back Struck in here I use this as like a food Prep knife I'm not worried about ruining It I am don't cut your fingers off it's Just a fixed blade oh okay fine no it's Probably the sharpest thing I've ever Held in my hand Pretty sharp [Music]

Then there is served Easy Mac and Chicken grilled chickens pretty good Actually Alright dinner was good just good it was Great that was great Yeah we watched useless dinner was great Probably the greatest dinner I've ever Tasted and now we're gonna go sit by the Fire and you guys probably don't want to Watch that so cheers happy Friday Saturday happy weekend we'll talk to you Guys before we go to sleep maybe baby I'm gonna see if I can climb out of here With scary Well I think I scared him not really all Right well good morning everyone we Spent the last night just kind of Chillin I downloaded a whole Netflix Series on the iPad so we watch that and I fell asleep like immediately this is Probably the best that I've actually Slept in the van in a while maybe it's Because I haven't been here in a while But it's yeah that's what it is it's Like what 10:30 already I woke up at 7:00 when the light came and then I went Back to sleep I could use an energy Drink though check on the solo stove it Is completely cool to the touch and look At this it burned everything in there Down to complete ash which means I can Just dump this out now can you grab me The bag for the solo stove that's it It's just that little pile

Miska rocks I was gonna say you getting This on camera you look good Look real good now that cleanup took Like five minutes and now we're gonna Try to head up the trail that we cleared To get down here yesterday it doesn't Look all that bad and it probably Shouldn't be getting out of here but This really feels like the most Off-the-grid trip that I've done in a While Even though we're on my own property we Had to cut ourselves in and now I'm Gonna turn the four-wheel drive on I Hope we can just sort of fly up this Hill do we tackle this slow or just go Full-out Well did rain last night four-wheel Drive is active call me I think we'll be Fine going slow with the four-wheel Drive on I think is coming backwards Down the hill made it seem not so easy Going Oh We're making it we're making it this is A grassy part here though Oh it's tight here that's what she said I just said she said and we did it I was super anti-climactic I thought for Sure I gonna get yeah well shout out to Mercedes four-wheel drive system on Camera I know that didn't really look Like much but I think what I think most Cars would struggle going up that if it Was not a four-wheel drive vehicle

Alright guys well that's all that I had For today's video good little getaway Camping trip and maybe in the future I'll probably end up doing more these we Could do more of these before you leave Since the whole sat ban road trip has Been postponed until the same time next Year I have all this free time now to do Like mini road trips and maybe I'll do More like in-depth camp set up spots and I'll probably be going back to that pond Eventually in the future anything to add No definitely don't want any of whatever That hippie juices alright if you guys Are new to the channel consider clicking Subscribe and make new videos every week And it's gonna be all for today so as Always thanks for watching and I will Talk to you in the next one [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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