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Open Face Ribeye, Texas Toast | Deadly Delicious

Open Face Ribeye, Texas Toast | Deadly Delicious

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Open Face Ribeye, Texas Toast | Deadly Delicious

On this episode of deadly delicious we dive into the world of cooking outside. You can still making amazing food while still keeping it basic.
One of the key ingredients to a healthy family is spending ample time around the dinner table, when you sit down and eat and break bread together. We have been seeing a rising trend of the breakdown of discourse and we’d like this to be a reminder to make more time for these important moments.

Texas Toast

Good Ranchers:

Finally we have another episode of Deadly delicious yeah I know it's been Too long Um but uh but it's well worth it like Anything like a nice wine or an aged Steak Yeah I mean it's well worth the Wait look at that it's gonna be Delicious so Tim Kennedy here uh on Daily Delicious this episode is about Cooking outside and then who are you I Am Ben spell founder CEO of good Ranchers American Meat delivered the Best American Meat you can get delivered Right to your door meet Chris what is This that is bone-in rib eye yeah nice Distribution of fat the marbling looks Fantastic look at this this this brings Me joy I really care about the food that We put on uh on my family's table and The food that I feed my friends and my Wife has told me that one of my love Languages is acts of service the thing That I had the least of the commodity Wise is time so when I go to Intentionally do something for somebody Uh it's like a big thing to me not Necessarily to everybody else yeah but To me it's like um I use my time to do This thing for you and that's my way of Saying And I love you I love you too yeah and Uh good food is is key is is one of the Most important ingredients Did you get it oh yeah yeah he's a dad

Joke yeah one of the most key Ingredients to like a good family is That table the things that you do in the Community when you sit down and eat and Break bread together one of the one of The saddest things happening right now Is uh the breakdown of discourse people And unable to just talk to each other And My family table growing up my mom would Call us living room loiters okay so we Would sit at the dining room table and My dad would pick why not arbitrarily But he would pick a a an event that's Happening current day and would talk About it and would kind of take a Position and socratically would have to Defend our position and all that Happened at the dinner table wow that's Amazing yeah it was yeah not for my mom But for all of us And uh so Um I hope people start sitting down at Their dinner tables and eating together And uh you have to have good food to do That and that's what we're going to be Doing you said American made that's Right 100 born raised harvested from American Farms straight to your door Since 2015 the amount of food that has Been coming in from foreign meat Suppliers is uh just crazy going up Astronomical and not in a great way six Billion pounds of beef imported into the

U.S in 2022. yeah so buy local buy real Food get some American-made stuff to Include meat Um so I'm gonna get this fire going and We're gonna start prepping all of our Food and uh the meal for today is rib Eyes cooked on cast iron with butter Some natural herbs and salt and pepper That's it It's off we go all you need is salt and Pepper on a steak that's it it's a good Steak it's a good steak if it's a good Steak all right fire [Music] Okay so uh getting this fire going we Have a signal mirror um the sun I don't Know 30 40 degrees so it's gonna it's Gonna take a few minutes for the signal Mirror to start no we're not gonna do That can you start a fight with that With that limestone No all right so we literally just went And grabbed some some straw some uh some Grass and some Twigs Um I got some great white oak here that We're just gonna get this fire going It's almost a shame to burn it I know it Is really pretty and then uh then we'll Be Off to the Races You're good I see it This is almost blasphemy right now This doesn't have a good Rancher's logo On it it doesn't uh this this is local I Mean I did as best as I could yeah we

Have a bacon line coming out at the end Of the month Yep no antibiotics ever no growth Promoting hormones added ever cage-free Pork and no nitrates no and it's Absolutely delicious yeah it's like Yeah just give me some of that that's Right that's right that's right that's Right well I'll forgive you for that Um me quiz what is this called The outside edge of a bone-in rib eye or This is called the spinalis Also known as the ribeye cap this is This is butter this a lot of your High-end restaurants are now cut when They take the ribeye I'm going to put these together and act Like it was one whole Primal yeah Butchers are at steakhouses now are Cutting the cap off and making just Steaks out of the cap and the cells for About seventy dollars an ounce Cap What temperature do you like to put your Steaks on at room temperature yeah That's right there's only one answer There yeah I'm gonna get the skillet on Here get this bacon on here you can Start seizing this stuff we got to mince Up this basil and garlic and get that Garlic on there I'm ready off we go We're Off to the Races Santa Claus yeah the Tooth Fairy okay I Mean any any outside entity he's like

Can anybody get in our house no our House is a fortress it's impossible to Get into our house and uh and then Questions like Then how did Santa come in or how did uh This dollar bill end up under my pillow Okay and then they're like hey can you Pull the cameras and I was like oh Our our era of being able to sidestep Some some pretty basic questions Those are gone I'm going to take a side Note here Um Tim has the sharpest knives I've ever Seen in my life you would expect that And I I've been around sharp knives but This It it's insane how sharp these knives Are yeah it's scary we're in our office Right during the podcast there is not a Thing in there that isn't if it tug out Yeah if it touches you it will cut you And it's like having a is that like Having a hunting rifle and you're safe That you don't have zeroed Yeah there was that why would you do That there's that hatchet on the table And I opened it up just thinking let me See if this is sharp it was razor sharp A razor sharp yep 100 Yeah and I mean just slice with that Little fell right there Yeah that's wow yeah look how thin you Can get those

That's amazing I feel like you just made me do your job No we'll tag team in and out I'm Obviously I don't I uh all right that Fire starting look good yeah got to get That bacon going Blast from this bacon yeah the blast was Bake That Emerson in your pocket the uh their Fixed blade Oh man There's a blood stain on the table the War table that we're just at That's my blood [Music] [Laughter] And it was a an accident They call this a ranger TV okay In the military you get a fire going Which you're very very rarely allowed to Do but if you get that fire going Guys will just sit there and stare at it Awkwardly Fire I made a fire It's a it's a very primal thing but it's Beautiful Yes this one is Razer different purpose [Music] [Music] All right so we're taking our Two beautiful bone-in rib eyes I'm about To throw them on top of this cast iron I don't want to get um some butter

With garlic and basil going over there As our topping yeah that bad boy All right [Music] Garlic in there All right [Music] Hey knife Oh yeah Let's pull this guy off Man Snipes Sharp Foreign Look at that Beautiful Got that bad boy sick man I think we're Ready to yeah yeah we can start do this Thing up so uh over here we have our Bazaar garlic our butter and our minced Up bacon and uh here we have our bone-in Rib eyes with a little bit of our Texas Toast then we got some basic provolone Cheese here So uh what's that Rod word again The spinalis yeah so right right there Where that fat cap curves around that's The spinal so this is cut that bad boy Off right there This is the spinalis right here yeah and Then you want to cut it across the grain Like that Oh brother that's perfect Oh yes sir Cheers So the cap is the spinalis and then

The leaner part of the rib eye Is going to be the rib eye heart right Here Notice we're still cutting across the Grain and the knife is sharp Beautiful man that looks good I mean This Is it right here oh yeah Some campfire toast Our toast ribeye provolone bacon basil And garlic Oh yeah we get in on that All right here we go Foreign When do I say it's deadly delicious Because that's good That can't be forced it just has to be Naturally occurring in Maine okay man All day long So we just made I don't know maybe one Of the best most delicious heaven on Earth campfire open face sandwiches I've Ever had Could have been more simpler we had a Bone-in ribeye we had our Texas toast we Had some provolone cheese we had some Basil some garlic and some butter that's It cut to Perfection yeah well done yeah You cut that just fine Um so like this Is gorgeous it's beautiful the meat was So good butter just fell apart Cooked perfectly yeah well done Well

Medium rare I mean a good one it was you You did a perfect job thank you and then Now I'm just gonna keep eating that yeah The basil was just a little bit crispy And perfect the garlic is perfect and What you ended up with was Open Face Sandwich this toast this campfire toast That was So good I I just want to keep eating it Corley and my daughter over there They're hammering to have their own but They kind of just want to eat this Before they come in here I got I can Make an extra one right here so yeah All right Corey get over here and take a bite I'm not coming in there Good ranchers made in America America I don't know on a Texas fire pit with Some Texas Oak this this was a good day Right here it could not have been more Delicious I was I was Um we were fighting some sunlight Because that fire Was slow getting going but man could not Be happier this is so good leave your Comments ask some questions sharp shoot It whatever you got nothing to say Because nothing can taste better than This right here it was so freaking good So good Stay safe stay free I'm talking about my Mouth open and uh God Bless America

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