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Overland Camp Kitchens & Galley Options | Expedition Overland ‘Proven’ – Gear & Tactics

Overland Camp Kitchens & Galley Options | Expedition Overland 'Proven' - Gear & Tactics

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One of our favorite parts of overlanding is the food! Overland, or camp kitchens come in all sizes and varieties and we do our best to cover a wide range of options. Sporks, JetBoils, Stanley Cooksets, coolers, stoves, drawer systems, and all the way up to Patriot Camper’s camp kitchen and galley systems, Clay gives an overview of the overlanding and camp kitchen setups we have used at Expedition Overland. (Thank you for watching and please excuse the audio on this one, bad mic placement.) As always, keep the comments constructive and let us know what tips you have! #campkitchens #overlanding #xoverland

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So over ten years we've been building Galleys for vehicles but that's not Where my journey of building galley Systems for vehicles started my very First stove I ever had is right here it Was a cig from Switzerland and I got it And I must have been 13 years old when I Got this bad boy and I loved it because It was one of the first dual fuel stoves That I caught wind of where I could use White gas or gasoline and I just thought That was super cool yeah so this really Is where my journey began with stoves my Very first one from there we've had mini Stoves many different cook pots kitchen Setups and everything and today we still Use a lot of the same things that we Were doing 10 years ago but then we also Have extravagant kitchens all the way up To fixed kitchens that are like in the X1 age behind me here so let's begin Let's talk about proven galley systems That we've used over the years with Expedition overland here number one Let's talk about a micro kitchen setup The first thing that you need when Cooking obviously is a stove of some Kind for us it's just jet boil this Jetboil is really old I've had it for a Long time but it still goes with us Today even though we have really fancy Cook partner stoves etc there's Something about a jet boil that is just So efficient especially for making that

First pot of coffee in the morning or That first just a little quick batch of Hot water to get you going Let's a jet boil is where it's at and Like I say even though we have fancier Setups now we still carry the Jetboil With us so this is a great place to Start it's proven to work you haven't Seen one of these they're very simple They come apart This is a base if you need it pour the Water in here turn it on click it on and In two minutes at sea-level you're got Boiling water then from there you put it Into a dehydrated bag this one is one of My favorites breakfast skillet for Mountain house or there's others – There's ol meals I've never tried this One yet but we just bought it at the Store and I keep these in my hunting Packs and they mice the back of my Prospector for search and rescue calls All kinds of stuff and all's it takes is The heated water put into the bag and With the spork you have a full kitchen This is a pot and the and the dish if You need it to be or you can eat right Out of the bag it doesn't get much Simpler than that quick note on Silverware back in the day in Alaska I Thought you know what I'm gonna treat The whole crew with having great Silverware so that we can feel a little Bit more human and normal on the road

Bad idea it ended up being far more work Than it was ever worth and it was after That year that we went down to everyone Having a spork to this day we just issue A spork and each person is responsible For his own spork for cleaning it and Keeping it at hand so that the rest of The crew doesn't have to keep washing Everybody's utensils everybody's in Charge of their own utensil quick note On sports there's a couple different Kinds this is the Snow Peak titanium Spork it's the more expensive one this Is the sea2summit aluminum one this one Is ten years old this one is three years Old and this one is already breaking Down however the cost difference might Justify you buying more of these but There's nothing better than the titanium Spork and you're not really an Overland ER unless you have a titanium spork Let's move on So this is actually one of the galley Systems that we're using right now it's Part of their adventure cook set fleet Three liter pot and a whole bunch of Dishes and everything fit inside of it Now we have actually got all these Dishes spread out amongst the galley we Don't actually pack it all this way just Due to how we set up our galleys which We'll get into later so anyway check out The stanley adventure cook set it's Pretty top-notch that this is what is in

All of our other kitchens that you see Behind me other than my super ultra Light kit with my just my jet boil okay Now let's talk about quickly when Setting up a galley what's the first Thing you typically need a table quick Tip on a proven method pull the table Out first don't stack your table at the Bottom of all your stuff keep a table Quickly accessible it's the first thing You need and it should be the last thing That goes in your truck at the end of a Camp set up that'll save you a lot of Headache because the first thing you do Is going to want to set stuff somewhere Find a table system that works for you If it's a simple lifetime table at Walmart that folds in half those work Great or you know all the way up into The ez on tables that flat fold down and Slide it under roof racks that's a Pretty killer solution as well so let's Go from here to the different trucks Working our way up from the least Complex all the way to the nicest Kitchen that we operate here with Expedition overland so here we have the Surface that I work off of the Prospector when I'm cooking out of this Truck this is the most the most simple And basic form of packable kitchen Outside of the Jetboil which I consider An ultralight galley this is the next Thing in line so what do I carry cooler

This truck is not outfitted with a Fridge now my first Overland trip that I Ever did was back in 2010 or 2009 2010 Ish and I carried a Yeti cooler at the Time and stuffed it full of ice and some Dry ice at the bottom and I went Ten days on a cooler totally acceptable You can absolutely go for a long time go Around the world on a cooler if you Wanted if you wanted to face the kind of The hassles that come with a cooler now This isn't a fridge talk but I would Highly recommend that if you're going to Be over landing a lot that you go from a Cooler system to a fridge system you'll Just see so many advantages over the Within your galley and the weight Savings that it's a no-brainer and we Can talk about fridges at some other Point but from here on out every galley Has a fridge we pack this the galley Around inside this redhawks bag now I'm Really just showing you this to show off Because only six of these were ever made But it represents the ability to just Pack your kitchen in a tote or in a bag Or whatever and it slides out at the end Your pots and your pans come out your Silverware your spices they're all Contained in a central location and then They go away at the end of the night From here we're going to start working Our way into semi-permanent solutions For galleys and permanent solutions for

Galleys and the differentiation is Typically a fixed galley is put inside Of a dedicated Overland vehicle come see This one first one on the list For a portable kitchen is the peak or Galley system here is a semi portable But yet semi let's call it just Semi-permanent galley system this came In the P core system for the tundra from Patriot campers and there are other Systems like this in the US other Manufacturers build things like this They're pretty cool and the whole idea Behind these types of galleys are Efficiency you get to camp you pull one Thing out and it just kind of lays Itself out and you can start cooking I Am a huge proponent of these they are I Don't know they really make your camping Experience really great unless you've Got a lot of time to set up camps every Single day kitchens can become So complex to set up you know I got to Put legs in and they're gonna do this And that finding kitchens and galley Systems that are fast and expedient has Always been the name of the game for me So Justin at Patriot campers came up With this for his cooking needs out of a Peak or or a tray or the back of a truck Down in Australia and we've been able to Use it for a couple years now it's great We like it and it goes away and packs up Quick this is a good system

This comes with a Dometic stove and the PIA course an upright fridge which has Been a unique thing for us but hey kind Of like it it's really great for a Couple days and a couple guys if you're Restocking often a fridge like this is Great other than that you're gonna want A bigger galley system this is something That we strive for in all of our galleys Efficiency comes out quickly and goes Away quickly the proponent of this guy Of this type of system and the US has Really been Mario Donovan of adventure Trailers and adventure trailers really Kind of as far as I know pioneered a lot Of the awareness for kitchens like this Especially with their JK stove which is What we have installed in our habitat so Take a look at that oh hello there let's Talk about the habitats galley system What we wanted was galley tables to be Readily available when we got to camp Drop these and you have more galleys all The way across work surfaces we feed a Lot of people and have over the years Especially in South America we primarily Ate out of this galley for six to eight People for three months what did we do Tables on the sides then we built an Allie box We actually had two of these these are The taller ones the taller ones are nice Because they can fit taller bottles and Things like that this one was used as

Our galley box For all of our cookware we even put a Front runner organizational kit in there So you could pull that out pull dishes Out of it that's now what we carry the Stanley adventure cooks that in and then This was used as a footstool to get into The back of the habitat when it's not in Use So this doubled by putting a goose gear Plate on the top of this as a stool to Get in and it fully slides out and There's your galley with anything on an Overland vehicle try to have everything Serve at least two purposes or at least One mission-critical purpose we run the National Luna twin in this the twin is Really built for long term over landing It has dual compressors and dual zones So I can tell this side of the fridge to Be a freezer this side to be a Refrigerator both to be freezers both to Be refrigerators a lot of options it's The biggest fridge we have and it is Amazing the amount of food that we can Store inside this one fridge there's a Lot of times they'll come out of the Store and like I don't know if it's Gonna fit and it does so take a look at This if you got a big family large Groups take a look at the net the National Lunar twin fridge in addition To the livability on this truck system We work closely with goose gear goose

Gear built a floor plate system that Accommodates our power our furnace in Our heater system becomes the base for Our fridge and galley and for our spices Drawers over here on the left so when We're cooking outside we can put non Essentials here on the bottom like paper Towels etc or anything else that we deem Fit that works good there and then on Top there's a secondary drawer a lot of Utensils cups things like that that we Want to be able to get to especially and I like to carry my Jetboil in here when We're carrying it in this Yukl because on top we built it so that The seat also lifts up and you can get To the stuff on inside if it's a Horrible blustery day like it was that One time in Bolivia so this is a killer Galley system and I think you could take A lot of the concepts that we have here Towards your vehicle builds just be Thinking about usability be slow to Build something use it slowly figure out What you really need and eventually You'll get the perfect system there's Nothing really that I change about this Other than adding some sort of a powered Water tank that we have experience now On other vehicles like the Patriot Camper P cars and the x1 H that I'll Show you next so here we have the top Dog this is one of the greatest Inventions to over landing of all time

And I'm not kidding I know Justin and Sarah personally and I know where this Trailer came from it came from them Wanting to take their family out and Camp on the beach so this trailer here Is the perfect blend of eating and Sleeping and storage what it carries is The galley and a really nice bed and That is huge when you're over landing so Let's dive in behind this panel on any X1 is the galley and they've designed it For cooking for groups we have cooked For up to 18 people off of this very Galley system for 10 days mind you the Stove comes out right here and just to Be up front we are sponsored by Patriot Campers but I think what you can take From this if you're never going to buy a Patriot camper or anything look at the Systems here and how they've Incorporated it and when you go to build Your galley systems maybe there's Something you can glean from this in Your system all right so in here we Swapped out the brahmic stove for the Cook partner these are Great stoves they were originally Designed for whitewater rafters on big And cooking for groups and then they've Since adapted it for over landing and I Have never found a better stove than This one it's certainly a buy one scry Wants but you'll have it forever they Break down very simply rinse out and

Their BTUs are second to none I've never Had a hotter stove than this one and That allows it to compete with the wind And the elements when they're not in Your favor moving on this trailer is Equipped with a hot water will basta System with the push of a button right Here we can turn on the watt the hot Water heater and in ten minutes we have Hot water all the way to the sink now We're at first we were like man that Seems really like over the top and then You start using it and you have warm Water and you can set the timer and it's Hot in the morning when you get up it Takes a lot of the systems that you see In campers and puts them out here where You're cooking outside and living Outside of it but you still have those Luxuries that you would have inside of An RV the fridge is a dome attic I'm not Sure what model of dome attic this is it Also fits an ARB fridge because of the Low clearance to slide into the drawers So that's been operating with us for a Couple years now bowls and silverware we Like that here because you can wash it And it's going right where it needs to Go all of this is still designed to go Away quickly And she goes this has a little tab on The bottom so that if it's windy it's Not banging around there you go stove Goes back in here

And your galleys put away it's pretty Stinkin efficient in the back they have Included a big galley drawer and we use This for all of our food now in the Front of the trailer is one last little Goodie that we really use a lot now we Didn't anticipate using it as much as we Do because frankly we never had it Before now that we have it we don't know How we live without it and that's the Weber 1,000 grill we have used the heck Out of this thing obviously and it just Made camp life and food even that much Better on the road I've heard over Landing described as driving somewhere Remote to eat something and I would Absolutely agree with that there's Nothing wrong with that Eating and traveling go hand in hand Eating well outside is a lot of fun part Of the fun today you've seen the lot of It this is everything we have it's Getting dark it's taking so long to talk About it but I hope you learn something From it I hope that you get inspired to Build a really cool galley system and These are all the different things that We use and are proven inside of Expedition overland to work inside of a Galley

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