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The Best Daypack Gear & Supplies For 2021/At Least For Me

The Best Daypack Gear & Supplies For 2021/At Least For Me

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Mystery Ranch Coulee Packs On Mysteryranch:
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Hey guys welcome back to another video Here at gideon's tactical i'm here at One of my favorite trail heads that i Hike Year round and i wanted to give you guys An update for 2021 On my day pack and my day pack loadout And not only run down some of my very Tried and true geared items i've been Using for a very long time but several Items i've updated For the 2021 hiking season now before we Go any further though i want to give a Huge shout out to the sponsor of this Video Which is surf shark vpn your online Footprint That's your business and with more and More of our time being spent online Protecting our data from prying eyes From big tech And big corporations i believe is more Important than ever And that's what surfsharkvpn offers to You and me the user it gives us the Ability to Mask our ip address so that our data is Secure and safe regardless if we're Using A open network a wi-fi network say your Favorite coffee shop or your place of Business Prying eyes won't be able to see your Data when you're transferring funds

Maybe on your bank account Or your surf history online which gives You the peace of mind of knowing That no one can see where you're Connecting from and where you're Connecting to Online it's a breeze to download it only Took me moments and just runs In the background of just about every Device in every platform from your macs And pcs Your smart tvs game consoles and cell Phones And with promo code gideon's tactical You're gonna get a whopping 83 off your subscription as well as The first three months free and with one Subscription You're able to put that on an unlimited Amount of devices So i encourage you guys hop on over to Surfsharkvpn Check out that link use that promo code You're going to get an insane Deal i'm glad i have it running on my Software programs and my devices And i believe you will too and will give You just an extra layer of security When you are online and protection of Your data Now what about keeping your sensitive Items secure And out of the elements think like your Phone and your wallet

Particularly i've gone back and forth Over the years using all kinds of Different dry bags and things but i've Kind of Landed for the last year or so on the Magpul i believe you pronounce it Daca series of pouches these are a Really good polymer a water resistant Zipper Rain moisture snow it's not going to Damage anything inside Really good zipper there and then it Makes it a perfect compartment for say Your phone And wallet maybe your keys they have all Kinds of different shapes Sizes colors some of them have clear Windows so you can see What's inside i just like that it's kind Of slim versus some of those other dry Bags That tend to kind of be bulky and baggy So we're gonna jump right in with The day pack itself and i've been using These now for over A year and it's the coulee series from Mystery Ranch now this model is the larger Coulee 40 Liter and the reason that i use this Often is because of the very Large camera equipment that i have to Take with me if you're not a Videographer

Or a photographer then the 25 liter Would probably be better suited for your Needs and with so many packs on the Market the reason that i've fallen in Love with this series Is not only the toughness and durability That it has but also The yolk system it has a very adjustable Yoke system even on the smaller 25 And it has a very well designed Waist belt that will be able to carry Loads very well and to follow up that Insane comfortability Is the amount of accessibility in not Only Getting to the interior but the pockets A lot of backpacks you know they have Like water bottle pockets They're kind of small and that's about It in the daypack arena this has two Extremely large pockets right here and Then two more on either side for your Water bottle so you can carry a lot of Extra gear on the exterior of the pack And then with mystery ranch's y design I can fillet this bad boy open And get to everything that i need and You can see here this kelty brick Carries all of my large camera equipment That takes up about three fourths Of the pack and if there's a day where i Don't need that Then i can easily slim down to the 25 Liter

Model so not only accessibility but Toughness Durability and ergonomics on your body With this coulee series just takes the Cake for me and that's why i always Gravitate to this series When i'm going out on a day hike now Mystery ranch is going to be a pretty Penny with the 25 liter being around 170 And this 40 liter being around 220 So obviously you have to be on the trail A lot to really justify that If you're wanting to go with still a Really good ergonomic built Pack but maybe save some money look at The red wing series from Kelty that is a great option as well if You're on a tighter budget And guys obviously throughout this video I'll try and annotate in as many details As i can As well as pricing but we'll have Hyperlinks for you below Over to backcountry as well as amazon as Well as a few other sites So if there's something that is Connecting with you that you're like oh Man i need to throw that in my day pack Then we'll have those hyperlinks for you Guys below we appreciate when you use Those if there's something that connects With you That you want to go ahead and start Deploying in your hiking

Loadout all right so next up let's talk Fixed blades in my opinion i believe Everybody should have Some form of a fixed blade when they go On a day hike you just never know what You're going to encounter On the trail and you may need a blade of Some kind now Obviously you can easily go with an Ultralight mora it's going to cost you Like 15 to 20 bucks those are amazing Tools I like to go with something a little bit More premium just because i love blades That much And so the two options i've been looking At that give me Light weight but a lot of capability are Either The field buddy 5.5 this is a knife Connection design And then produced by tops knives 1095 High carbon steel 5 Inch blade it's about 10 ounces high Saber grind I like that it's a little bit thinner Than a lot of other survival knives Very ergonomic very very comfortable the Sheath has lots of different mounting Options And gives you the capability to prepare A fire Do a lot of different things light Shelter building if you had to

And it's not going to be this giant Heavy you know pound and a half survival Knife so I really like this if i want that high Carbon kind of broad Pushing a survival knife though i'd call It a companion blade Design and these guys usually will go For about 160 On average now if i don't go with that And i want to go something even a little Bit more streamline and lighter weight I've been using the rocket knives uh i Can't even pronounce this in finnish It's a Finnish knife and it's a finnish word i Believe it's Uh wilderness warriors what it stands For you can see how Low profile with lots of lashing options This has Has a very ergonomic handle Love how well it fits in the hand it's Very lightweight Full tang all the way through really Robust Super precise blade it's rocking i Believe 20 cv 2 crv2 uh steel with a rockwell of like 63 and then uh differentially Heat-treated i mean this is a sick Blades think of your mora's but just Like On a whole another level of edge

Retention and toughness and durability And because it's so sl slim and Lightweight it's a great option If you do use your knife a lot and you Are a day hiker so these two blades are What i kind of rotate through If i know i'm going to be traveling Several miles and i'm going to be doing A day hike Next up let's talk about hydration here A little bit there's so many water Bladders on the market i've had just About every brand imaginable from Camelback to platypus To hydropack i think and what i've Landed on for about four years now Are source hydration water bladders They're designed in Israel i believe very heavy duty lots of Different Opening enclosure options that are Available they have a lot of different Sizes they have antibacterial liners That really work well i've seen that Lots of disconnection points things like That to make it very easy to feed your A hose through this is a three liter you Know so i could do a hundred ounces of Water so this would be a very large like Full day of hiking Um and this is the bladder that i Usually gravitate to and then they have I have a smaller one that's like 40 Ounces

If maybe i'm doing a shorter hike or Mountain biking or or something like That but I found that with not only the two Different openings that are available Here and here Makes it easy to fill easy to drain as Well as all the Connection points it just works for me More than the other ones that i've used In the past Now what about water purification the Easier it is for you to purify your Water while you're on the go On the trail the less water you have to Carry with you just means you can go Faster you have to burn less calories And so i've gone through all kinds of Different brands over the years but last Year i discovered Grail water purifiers and I was really skeptical at first because This model is a pretty penny at around 90 And then they have a lightweight version That comes in around 60 or 70. And so in my mind i'm like man that's That's a lot you know what can this Really do but this can literally purify Not only heavy metals protozoa bacteria Viruses i mean you can literally take This around the world and use it And it's so convenient you literally can Scoop up the water

And then about 20 seconds to press it And you have a fully Charged if you will water bottle ready To rock and roll you can Use it to fill up your water bladder That you may be using And so that's a great option as well Where a lot of other models You have to keep the contents dirty and Then you've got to drink Out of it you know and purify it right There into the source so I feel like it's very tough very robust Use it on backpacking trips Tons of day hikes and the i believe Geopress Great option if you need convenience and You like to hike particularly maybe with Other people And you want robustness that can really Do a lot For you then you always got to have a Nalgene with you Now if i do the water bladder and the Geopress i'll usually leave the nalgene At home but sometimes You know if it's a lighter hike i won't Do the water bladder it's you know going To be really cold and then i'll do Nalgenes In replace of the water bladder but it's Always good to have one in rotation at Least I gotta say i like the water resistant

Uh Zippers here on the bag so up on this Top Loaded portion i have my personal ifak Or Medical kit i believe this is an 11 10 That i got through La police gear and in fact all the gear In here As well for my med kit i got through la Police gear i just find that they're More Trustworthy in where they're getting Their sourced medical equipment than Trying to buy stuff on amazon And i actually have uh 12 off promo code For you guys Uh gt12 for you and you get 12 Off anything over on la police gear um And i'll have a link For this med kit but what i like is that It's really compact It has everything that i feel like i Need in a day hike That i could use it's you know easy to Be deployed one-handed Has lots of lashing points on the back That i could you know attach to a belt Different things like that Pulls this little guy open and i got Basically everything i would need from a Swat tea tourniquet which i've actually Had to use on a buddy before and without It

Once we finally got back to civilization Uh the doctors were like if you didn't Have this on you probably would have Bled out so I trust swat tea tourniquets had to Literally deploy one on a buddy And then i have a full celox coagulant Bandage As well um you know gloves got a couple Other bandages and then a little boo-boo Kit back there Just some band-aids and things and a few Painkillers and antihistamines Shoved down in there so you know if it's You and you know Another person i think this is plenty Yeah if you're going with a huge crew You might want to make something that's Larger and start with the items in here And then you know augment it with just More items possibly And depending on what you're doing if You're doing a lot of stuff with Sharp instruments and things like that You might want to augment As well with like a cat tourniquet Things like that and La police gear does carry all those that You guys can go check out and see if That's something that you need to Invest in depending on the level that You feel not only preparedness Because you have to be equipped to know How to use these things i'm not a

Medical professional But you should always be trained know What you're doing and know how to use These on People and never try and do it to Yourself or someone else unless you know What you're doing so just be word to the Wise know what you're doing with your Med kits But you should always have one and That's what i've been using now for Several months And really enjoying it in my day pack so Real quick Eyewear it's always good to have Something you know here in the rocky Mountains we have sunshine like 300 days A year Uh what i've been using for a long time Is a hazard four hard case Fits just about every pair of sunglasses I've ever tried to put in there Including all my knock arounds and i Like that it has Not only the rigidness that won't get Crushed but it's got a couple attachment Points little carabiner aspect And a pals webbing runner that you can Run on your belt or through some sort of Attachment on A pack next up let's go ahead and look Here at the cook set Been rocking this guy for quite a while Even burned a hole i got to get a new

Bag Here this is a towx you guys can see That there 750 ml uh milliliter Pot got my little msr spork fits really Nicely on the side there And this is gonna weigh exactly one Pound everything you see here fully Loaded with a brand new Uh fuel canister nice lid there Got to throw your light my fire fire Steel Got a mini big lighter got my pocket Rocket 2.0 From msr for cooking boiling water doing Whatever And then i got my folda cup Right there perfect got my Canister and we're ready to rock and Roll so that's a full inclusive Cook kit and there are aspects to the Gear that i am showing you say like the Cook kit That depending on the type of day hike I'm doing you know what i'm going out And i'm going to be gear testing and You know spending a full day i like to Be able to make a hot cup of coffee and Do that type of stuff if we're going you Know 18 miles and you know Testing out a new trail and gonna go on A big adventure Then i might leave that set up at home And just make sure that i have some of

The other items to help me start a fire That we're Looking at here today and just different Things so this is a system that can be Augmented depending on the environment And the type of hike That i'm going to be doing the distance How much water will be available versus Not and the same thing for you As you're augmenting your systems on What type of Hike are you doing is it long distance Light load is possible or is it Something More like yeah we're just going up for An adventure we're gonna take a couple Hours hang out maybe build a fire do That type of stuff We'll determine what type of items is Best suited for you And some of the things i'm showing you Today now what about pocket knives we Hit fixed blades Earlier but to be honest with you when We're talking about a day hike When i use a knife about 60 of what i've Ever used that knife for On a day hike can be done with a pocket Knife the fixed blades are just good to Have as a backup And in an emergency situation it's good To have something that doesn't fold and Doesn't have any joints or locks But most of the stuff that you do open

Packaging carbon whittling doing Whatever you're going to do a pocket Knife easily can perform And there's so many options there's Premium there's custom there's you know Budget friendly And i tend to gravitate on a day hike More for a budget friendly option Not only because it's going to get beat On and used in lots of different grime And environments But what happens if i lose it i don't Want to be crying i just drop my 300 Knife on the trail and i'm never going To see it again and one of my favorites Is the buck 110 112 slim Series these guys will run you about 25 To 30 dollars made right here in america With 420 high carbon Steel razor sharp wicked wicked sharp Great pocket clip that rides real deep And grabs your pocket real nicely you Can run lanyard holes through them Or lanyards through them and the handles Just feel very comfortable there's no Weird angles and things to worry about And it's just very comfortable tool to Use and they're Very slim and very lightweight so you're Not going to feel it in your pocket When you're hiking and trekking and Seeing those amazing views and going On those awesome adventures all right so Next up

Is my survival pouch this is a big in Now you can basically use any pouch Under the sun this Sauber gear one seems to be working very Well has a size That i like a lot and guys i've gone Back and forth over the years with Different organizers And you can basically come up with any Scenario you want I'm just going to go through more the Items that i'm using in here and things That i think are very Important to have on a day hike things Like A waterproof poncho that's a very Important item to have A bandana it's literally like 100 uses That you can do with a bandana Those both in high vis so if i had to Signal for somebody For help i could absolutely do that i Really like these Um i believe i can't remember the name Of it i'll to annotate it in their Adhesive tape for fixing tears and rips In like your backpacks and You know things like that coats so i Really like to have just a little Patch of that with me i've been Keeping my um kind of edc style pouch With me as an augmentation to everything Else that you're seeing in here But i always make sure that i put in a

Little ziplock bag so it doesn't ruin All your gear Some mosquito wipes these seem to work Really well Got to do some skin glide anti-friction Cream i'll put that on my feet Maybe if i have other points on my body Where i'm just really chafing These really have saved my feet so many Times on backpacking trips when we did The Continental divide hike 18 miles in a Day over the continental divide And then just some sunscreen so those Three items are always With me and ready to rock and roll if Needed uh good knife sharpener From work sharp important with all these Other tools that we're looking at To be able to put an edge back on your Tool if you did have to do that And then even today a light say a life Saver Having some form of a folding saw i Believe is very Important the bako laplander is a great Option under 30 Made in sweden or finland i forget I've had so many of these they're super Reliable very lightweight And can basically eliminate the need for A big Large survival knife if i have this and One of the two fixed blades i showed you

Earlier I can do just about anything from you Know fire building to shelter building Without any sort of a problem And it's cheaper and lighter weight than Trying to get some big machete Hatchet or you know something else like That Then as we go on to the actual organizer Pouch itself You got to have some wipes um there's Lots of different Good options out there i like to have Some form Of a bum wipe you know just to take care Of your essentials on the trail that's The worst Is when nature calls you ate something You probably shouldn't have and You or your partner with you has a gut Issue It's good to have something now as we go In here these are a lot of items that i Think are very Vital one of them would be some form of A battery pack i use anchor Battery packs to charge your phone and Cables to charge your phone If needed if you get lost somewhere and You gotta you know climb up Somewhere to get some sort of signal um Your battery dies you know it's good to Have something like that i got a bunch Of cordage it's always important to have

Cordage just as reflective Really good lighter obviously and then Some form of a fire steel You can see there just throws flames and Is super super compact which i really Like a lot Uh and then you know emergency whistle Gotta have a compass so you know where You're going and then as we go along Here Hands-free illumination is super Important so I've decided to go i think this is an Ion A very small um ion headlamp for a while Just try it out i've been happy with What it's been doing so far runs on two Double or excuse me aaa batteries it's Always good to have backup batteries Um and hands-free so that you can Scramble you can climb if one of your Hands is injured you got to build a fire And you're using your hands you know And you know the sun is set having Something hands-free is very very Important so that's just a good option And then we have a pen that goes along With My right in the rain notepad that kind Of acts as a wallet it's always good to Do that you could leave notes for people At trail heads different things like That If you had to some water tablets for

Extra water purification A credit card with some duct tape on That and then i do have some cash As well that if i had to trek in Somewhere to get help You know spend the night i have about a Hundred dollars rocking in there And then we got our emergency mirror Tried to keep the this is pretty old but Try to keep the you know protection Plastic on there Um so you can send signal and then an Emergency blanket Hi viz because if i'm having to bust This out it's probably because it's Pretty gnarly And i need some help so good to have a Hi-vis emergency blanket in there as Well And before i forget gotta have a Multi-tool of some kind and i believe This is the Evo 17 13 Swiss army knife lightweight compact It's kind of a hybrid between some of The other models i've used before and Like the tinker Which is also a great option it's got The all got the screwdriver but it does Have not only a blade But a little wood saw for notching i'm Delimiting if i had to can opener bottle Opener Scissors which i think is something that

I've kind of lost in the past with my Med kit so an emergency situation and i Could use this to Cut open clothing or you know just do Smaller tasks that you know knife May not be really suited for all kinds Of aspects and it's Just so compact that it really fits a Need for me because it can not only fit Inside this Kit but it cuts down on the footprint And the weight Is some form of leather gloves you know You never know what type of things You're going to be doing from scrambling And climbing and Maybe working with wood having to build A fire i mean all kinds of different Stuff and protecting those hands Very vital very important if you start Hurting these in any Way that can really hinder your not only Survivability but just enjoyment of your Day hike so Having some leather gloves i think is Very important well Guys thanks so much for joining me today I hope that you've enjoyed this video i Hope it's been fun and entertaining But i hope that it's also giving you Ideas concepts Maybe things to look into yourself and i Look forward to hearing from you guys as Well

If there's a gear item that you want me To go a little bit more in depth on Or do a whole new video on or i can just Answer in the comments Below i'll look forward to reading all Those from you guys i encourage you to Check out the other video popping up Subscribe if you're not yet a subscriber To the channel we're throwing up content Like this all the time And until next time always remember stay Equipped stay prepared We'll see you out there

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