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Your Urban Survival Kit- 10 Must-Have Items

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Preparing a survival kit for an urban environment is different than packing a bug-out bag for the wilderness or other outdoor settings.

Urban environments provide plenty of opportunities to scavenge for food and seek shelter inside an abandoned structure.

While some items in your urban survival kit will differ from the items in your bug-out bag for the outdoors, the survival rule of 3  and basic survival skills apply.

Listed are some items you will want to include in your urban survival kit to help you when disaster strikes.

Breathing Apparatus for Your Urban Survival Kit

  1. Gas Mask or Face Mask

Breathing is prioritized in the Survival Rule of 3.   Make sure to protect your nose and mouth from falling, possibly toxic debris is in the air.  You can save your lungs by wearing a face mask, but you should also consider protection for your eyes as well.  More coverage makes the gas mask a better option to wear.

Even though the gas mask will take up more space in your survival kit, it makes sense to have it in case you need it.

Finding Shelter in an Urban Setting

  1. Crowbar

To secure shelter, you will need to gain access to a building rather than build a shelter from the elements. A crowbar is a versatile survival item in an urban environment. You can use it to smash through a window or pry open a door, and it is easy to stash in your backpack.  Make sure it is packed.

  1. Wire Cutters

Another piece of must-have equipment in your urban survival kit is wire cutters.  They are useful for getting into fenced-in areas, and abandoned areas.  Wire cutters can also be used to cut rope or other thin materials to help construct what you need.

Securing Your Physical Safety when SHTF

  1. Pepper Spray

If you are trapped in an urban setting during a survival situation, unfortunately, there may be people out there who want your stuff.   They will try to hurt you to get it.  Make sure you include a canister of mace in your survival kit and have it when you are moving from traveling from one place to another.

Getting Clean Water in an Urban Survival Situation

It doesn’t matter; you can be in an urban setting or the wilderness; clean drinking water is still a necessity that needs to be acquired.  It is a good idea to have water purification tablets in your bug-out bag as well as your urban survival kit, but water keys will need to be in your urban survival kit.

  1. Water Purification Tablets

    Freeze Dried Dog Food-It’s In My Dog’s Bug Out Bag

You should pack water purification tablets as a precaution.   When you find a  source of water that may not be safe to drink, add the tablets. Make sure you follow the directions on the packaging, and you’ll have clean drinking water.   You should also pack a collapsable water filter in your survival bag as well.

  1. Water Keys

In a natural disaster having water, keys can help you gain access to a residential or commercial water source when drinking water becomes scarce.

The Must-Have Item for Food in Your Urban Survival Kit

  1. Can Opener

In an urban survival environment, you may find yourself eating a lot of canned goods, whether its the ones you have or ones you found, a can opener will come in handy.

More Equipment for Your Urban Survival Kit

  1.  Portable Solar Panel

    Having a portable solar panel will help to charge your phone,  flashlights, or any small rechargeable electronic devices you might have.  Your solar panels should be thin and lightweight, so they are easy to transport.

  2.  Emergency Radio

In the event of an emergency, a radio can help keep you updated if communications are being transmitted. It’s preferable to have an emergency radio that is battery-operated, solar-charged, or even a crank radio.

   10. Urban  Ax

An urban ax should be multipurpose, allowing you to chop through doors,  open and close hydrants or gas mains, and even be used as a weapon; an ax is worth packing in your urban kit. You don’t need a full-size,  but you should have it as part of your survival kit. Don’t just keep your ax in your urban survival kit in your bag, practice using, and caring for your ax.


While an urban survival kit has different items than a bug out for the wilderness, you still have the same basic needs, water, food, and physical safety to consider; a well-stocked survival kit will help you prepare for urban survival.

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